The Benefits of Apartments With EV Charging Points

Why Choose an Apartment With EV Charging Points?

Here at Elite EV Charge, we have advocated the use and installation of EV charging points in all types of buildings, including residential and commercial. When it comes to high-rise apartment buildings, there are many benefits to the inclusion of EV charging stations, for both tenants and landlords. 

Tenants: Helps with Range Anxiety

Many drivers may be hesitant to convert to an electric vehicle as they worry they will frequently run out of charge. This range anxiety is still a major barrier and requires solutions to ensure this is not a problem. It is important that there are strategies in place for reducing range anxiety, including expanding the current charging infrastructure.


It all begins at the home. Range anxiety may be drastically lowered if drivers can utilise an EV charging point at their apartments. This way, using the points provided, EV drivers can leave their vehicle charging so that they have enough to start the day.

Landlords: Extra Revenue

There is an opportunity for landlords to increase their revenue with EV charging points. You can include charging rates for tenants at a discounted rate that will benefit both parties.


In addition, depending on your location and accessibility, you can make your chargers public. This way, other EV drivers can use any spare chargers for a higher rate, giving you additional revenue as well. Also, public chargers will be featured on apps such as ZapMap that EV drivers can access, better marketing your business.

Tenants: Cost Effective

Tenants must be able to recharge their vehicles somewhere. But, it can be a struggle to find public points such as EV charging stations. But, sometimes, it can be hard knowing how much it will be, especially if you are requiring a long or fast charge. 


As a result, consider EV charging for apartments and blocks of flats. As aforementioned, landlords can charge their tenants who require EV charging by adding it to their lease agreement, much like when utilities are included.  

Tenants: Destination Charging

One of the most time-saving chagrin solutions for electric vehicles is destination charging. This involves leaving it charging overnight whilst sleeping so that once you awake, you will have a completely charged vehicle. And what better place to do this than at your flat?


Apartments with EV charging stations help EV owners live more simply and reduce anxiety. Drivers do not have to worry about finding their nearest charging station or utilising a public charger. Instead, you may comfortably recharge at home while preparing meals, sleeping or just relaxing. Find out more about destination charging here. 

Landlords: Prepare for the Future

At Elite, we’ve mentioned the upcoming 2030 ban. It’s pretty much all hands on deck! Businesses and various industries are starting to ensure they have enough chargers that guests, customers and employees can use to meet this demand. 


So, get ahead of the game while you can. Providing EV charging points will help your business prepare for the future, where more electric vehicles will be manufactured and sold. Soon, society will have more electric vehicles than petrol and diesel. Make sure you are on the right track by installing EV charging stations for your tenants. 

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, our team of experts can deploy and set up portable EV charging points at your wedding. From event charging to providing EV charging points across the country, we will ensure all installations are running efficiently to ensure you.


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