Cop26: How Portable EV Chargers Can reduce Shortages

From the 31st October to 12th November 2021, the 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP26) is due to take place in Glasgow. World leaders will gather to discuss ways in which we can tackle the threats of climate change and help the planet recover from its devastating impact. We all need to play our part, but world leaders have more power than any of us, and could make big changes that completely alter our way of living for the better. However, there have been reports of a shortage of electric vehicle (EV) chargers reported in Glasgow, with as little as one charger for 23 cars. With one of the most important climate summits taking place this week, how has event vehicle charging not been considered?

The irony is not lost. With around 250 charging points in Glasgow, more provisions need to be made ahead of the summit, as all eyes from the eco-conscious world will be on the Scottish city. Our state-of-the-art battery storage vehicle charging stations here at Elite Vehicle Charging can be deployed at events across the country, accommodating EV drivers and boosting your green credentials in the process. 

Are There Any Shortages?

According to various sources, including ‘The Daily Mail,’ there are just 250 public charging points in Glasgow, which won’t be enough to help out the number of people attending this weekend. The EV charging network is already sparse, but events such as this one seriously need to consider the benefits of event charging. A spokesperson for COP26 has mentioned that generators may be needed, but they would be run on alternative power sources other than petrol or diesel. As innovative as this may be, they can be quite large and loud, causing a disruptive atmosphere at the event. With portable chargers, you can place them wherever they’re needed without leaving a legacy and causing minimal disruption.

Battery storage chargers provide exemplary event vehicle charging capabilities; they can be deployed anywhere at the event, particularly in car parks, allowing guests to charge their cars efficiently as they enjoy the event. They can be taken away at the end of the event and the rental period, and our technicians here at Elite Vehicle Charging can even provide a concierge service to ensure chargers are working optimally. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

The Benefits of Portable EV Charging

Providing portable EV chargers for events could make all the difference for EV drivers. Many have range anxiety and just charge at home without travelling too far. Providing them with the incentive of accessible charging can encourage a whole new group of people to attend your event, taking away their worries. These chargers can also lower the concerns that non-EV drivers have; 47% of drivers want to make the switch, but issues such as worrying about a lack of charger points is still a big concern.

Portable EV chargers at events can help decrease these worries and encourage more people to go green on the roads today. Charging an electric car shouldn’t have to be a worry; connecting to the infrastructure at an event can cause issues, as it may be impractical or impossible. Providing event vehicle charging that is portable and more accessible will help events consider EV charging a viable option, and attract more guests in the process.

How We Can Help

The COP26 starts this weekend, and the worries that still surround charging points is concerning, to say the least, especially at a climate summit. Luckily, our portable chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can be deployed across the country, particularly at annual events such as this one. 

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