How to Avoid Range Anxiety

The dreaded range anxiety. We’ve spoken about it before and we’re sure we’ll speak about it again. 


It can be hard for new drivers to feel comfortable when on the move. Especially when they are unsure of when they will next have the chance to charge their vehicle. So, how can you avoid range anxiety? Check out this helpful guide and tips on what you should remember about range anxiety.

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the worry that an electric vehicle will run out of juice and that you won’t be able to find a charging station in time to recharge it. It’s a significant barrier to further EV adoption and has more to do with psychology than the practical range of EVs or the accessibility of charging stations. 


In recent years, the average EV range has increased by about 15%. So, is range anxiety more psychological than the actual current state of the EV charging infrastructure? 


As the government has installed charging points throughout the country, especially in London, some may suggest that range anxiety does not actually exist. And there are enough chargers to meet demand. However, what about those who live in rural areas and off-grid locations? Sure, there are hundreds of charging points in the capital and other large cities, but this is not always the case. 


Range anxiety could also be the reason that drivers are hesitant to switch from petrol and diesel to carbon-free driving solutions. But, there are ways to help prevent range anxiety from ruining your electric driving experience. 

Plan Your Journey

Range anxiety commonly occurs when drivers are unaware of the journey ahead. Especially if they are driving in new and strange locations. Through off-grid and remote journeys, there may be a lack of charging infrastructure and drivers may struggle to find places to charge their vehicles. 


Instead, why not plan your journeys before setting off? This can help drivers feel confident when knowing what lies ahead. The uncertainty and psychological obstacles associated with driving an EV will be greatly reduced if drivers are given explicit route planning, visibility of chargers and available EV charge points.


The certainty that the EV can handle the range will also be increased by having access to real-time information, such as live traffic updates and apps such as ZapMap. 

Charge While You Park

Studies have shown that electric vehicles are parked around 80% of the time. It’s why most EV drivers turn to graze charging throughout the week. Our vehicles spend most of their time parked. So, why not utilise this? Various industries and businesses have set up their own charge points for their customers and employees. This allows EV drivers not to have to rely on public charging stations  Populated locations that offer charging points include shopping centres, football stadiums, supermarkets and various workplaces.


And this can relate to overnight journeys. By using apps such as ZapMap, EV drivers can find suitable locations to set up charge points. Destination charging allows drivers to leave their car overnight and rest with the confidence they will return to a fully charged car. 

Portable EV Chargers

However, to guarantee that your electric vehicle has a charge no matter the journey, consider portable EV chargers. This way, EV drivers are not reliant on the public charging system that may have a lack of charge points and consequently, long waiting times. 


Instead, drivers get to decide where and when they charge their vehicles. Much like with destination charging, however, this time, it’s the driver’s own chargers they are utilising. This can be helpful for locations where there are only a few points available, compared to the number of EV drivers wanting to use them. 

Elite EV Charge

Here at Elite, we provide temporary and permanent charging solutions throughout the UK. For EV drivers, range anxiety may be a common occurrence. Especially for those who are relying on public charging networks. However, at Elite, we are here to help eliminate any negative feelings you may have before a long journey. And offer cost-effective and efficient ways to ensure your electric vehicle remains charged. 


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