Why is Destination Charging Important?

According to statistics, the average vehicle in the UK is only driven just 4% of the time. Compared to either parked at home (73%) or elsewhere (23%), this accumulates to only one hour per day spent actually driving. Therefore, EV drivers have a unique opportunity to utilise their parked vehicles with destination charging.


But, why is this so important? Find out more about the importance of destination charging here. 

What is Destination Charging?

When it comes to EV charging, there are primarily three types of methods. Home charging is one of the most convenient charging solutions and public charging stations. However, these both have their disadvantages. Constant home charging could potentially increase energy bills and affect the local grid. Whilst, public electric vehicle chargers could ensue long queues and wait times due to the lack of resources. This leaves us with destination charging.


Put simply. Destination charging is overnight charging. Wherever this is at a friend’s or family member’s home or a hotel/Air BnB. This typically occurs during long journeys, where rest is needed at the end of a multi-day leg. But, it’s not just a rest for you. Your vehicle will most likely need to recharge for the next day’s journey.  


Instead of home charging, many drivers are choosing to charge on the go, or “graze charging”. That’s why having a destination charging network is important so that these drivers are fully catered for. For more information, read our previous blog here

How it Benefits Sustainable Tourism

The charging infrastructure in recent years has expanded significantly, including the destination charging network. And one of the key players is Tesla and Tesla Superchargers. Over the years, the company has installed around 35,000 wall connectors in urban and rural areas. It allows Tesla owners easy access to overnight charging facilities wherever they travel.


This way, eco-conscious drivers are more likely to visit similar-minded businesses. So, not only are they travelling with zero emissions, but they are also staying in at an overnight vicinity. It has also never been easier to find these spots. Using ZapMap is a great way for drivers to plan journeys around available charge points; ensuring that they never run out of charge. 


For more information, read our previous blog here

The 2030 Ban

After 2030, there will be a ban on new fossil-fuelled (petrol and diesel) vehicles. This comes at a time when the country has banded together in an effort to lower the planet’s carbon footprint. And one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by reducing the number of cars that are adding to carbon emissions. That’s why there has been a rise in electric vehicle sales, through government incentives and an increase in the number of chargers available.


However, according to SMMT, it has been estimated that the UK will need around 2.3 million charging points to meet the demand the 2030 ban will bring. Yet, at the end of June 2022, there were only 32,663 charge points. So, we’ve still got a little way to go. 


Destination charging is vital for these next steps. This way, hotels and other overnight accommodation can incorporate these chargers into their workplace. Not only will this aid the number of charge points in the UK, but it will also showcase their environmental goals and help put them on the map.

The Benefits of Destination Charging

There are many benefits to destination charging that should be considered by all EV drivers. Drivers do not have to go out of their way to recharge at public charging stations. Instead, utilising destination charging means that drivers can leave their car overnight charging. All with the confidence that when they return in the morning, they will have enough charge for the day ahead. 


It also solves the annoying problem of “range anxiety”. Certain drivers may be reluctant to switch to electric since they are unsure about the charging infrastructure in place. This way, destination charging allows drivers to choose when they charge their vehicle and for how long. Especially when using portable EV chargers.


Though the destination charging network typically includes hotels and other overnight destinations that offer charge points, there still is a possibility that you might have to fight over the available spots. However, by utilising portable EV charging points, this point becomes moot and you can still enjoy the destination charging experience. 

Elite Electric Vehicle

At Elite, we provide temporary and permanent mobile charging solutions for EVs across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or for events. We advocate the use of portable EV charging points to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint.


For more information on our mobile charging service, or to receive a quote, fill in our form here. Or, follow us on Instagram. We post daily content on the best-selling EVs with the longest range and the benefits of destination charging. All direct to your feed.

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