Tips on How to Make Your EV Battery Last Longer

We all want to make the most out of our EV batteries. Otherwise, this costs you valuable time and money. So, let’s take a look at some of the most helpful tips to lengthen your battery’s lifespan.


Avoid Using Fast Charging

Rapid chargers, though the fastest charging device available, also comes at a cost. These quick speeds can actually cause extra demand on the EV battery and therefore, reduce its lifespan. 

Instead of requiring a fast charge, consider destination charging. This is overnight charging, where you leave your EV plugged into a Level 1 charger. This way, you are not wasting any of your own time during the day and your vehicle will be fully charged in the morning. Destination charging is a much better solution than frequent uses of rapid chargers and can be utilised not just for overnight charging, but also at work and popular locations like shopping centres. Find out more about destination charging here.  


Don’t Charge 100%

Although you might think charging to the maximum percentage is the ideal choice, this is untrue. While a full charge will provide you with the longest possible operating time, this will damage your EV battery’s overall lifespan and performance. 

It is recommended that drivers keep their EVs charged between 20% and 80%. Only consider charging the vehicle to its full capacity on longer journeys and not just for a daily commute. 


Minimise Exposure to Hot Temperatures

Though it’s not appropriate as we head into winter, exposure to the high temperatures when parked can affect the EV battery. In order to maintain low temperatures for maximum efficiency, an automated temperature control system placed in your electric car may unnecessarily drain your batteries. 

While this functionality should only be utilised when your electric car is on the road and using its battery, you should park it in the shade or plug it in so that its thermal management system only uses grid power while it is in operation. 



On the opposite side of the scale, when the weather is too cold, this can also affect the EV battery’s performance. Below a certain temperature, typically causes the battery to use more power, from both warming itself up and if the heaters are turned on inside the car. 

Consider preconditioning your car whilst charging. For around 30 minutes, by turning on your heating system whilst charging, you are not losing any of the battery’s juice and it can help maximise how far you can drive. Then, once you have finished charging and are about to begin your journey, both you and the EV battery have warmed up and do not require a heating system. Find out more about driving in the colder months here. 


Think About Braking Distance

You can prevent having to brake suddenly by giving yourself more time to respond while driving and allowing “regenerative braking” to engage. This transforms the electric motor of the EV into a generator by taking the energy from its motion and turning it into electricity. Similar to engine braking in an ICE, it transfers reverse torque to the front wheels, slowing the car down.

This extends the battery life of your EV and can recover up to 10% of the charge or 30% if you’re going downhill.


Elite EV Charge

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