Which 2022 Halloween Events Could Benefit From Event Charging?

Halloween Events Need Event Charging

Must be the season of the witch… As we get closer to Halloween, many of us are too old to go trick or treating. So, we need something a little scarier this year. Many places offer special Halloween events, including scare mazes and live performances. But, for EV drivers, there are other considerations to take. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest Halloween events and how event charging can help.


Fright Nights – Thorpe Park

One of the largest and most popular theme parks in the UK, Thorpe Park is home to the fastest roller coaster in the country (Stealth) and is ideally located near London. From the 30th of September to the 31st of October, Thorpe Park offers Fright Nights for ages over 13. With three brand-new scare attractions, including the world’s first horror movie-themed rollercoaster, based on the SAW series, the event features scare mazes and themed shows.


At Thorpe Park, there are 4 electric car charging points available for drivers. A car parking ticket must be purchased in order to use one of these points whilst at the resort. However, given that there are only 4, some EV drivers might not be able to use these charging stations. There don’t seem to be enough chargers to meet demand as more drivers switch to electric cars. Especially during the Halloween season, when there may be more visitors.   


Scarefest – Alton Towers

Open until 9 pm, Alton Towers is celebrating its 15th anniversary of Scarefest. Guests can explore the grounds, riding on their favourite rides Smiler and Wicker Man in the dark and visit the Alton Towers Dungeon. 


Currently, Alton Towers does not offer any EV charging points, although it is stated they are looking to remedy this in the future. However, for this year’s Halloween events, this does not help. Drivers should consider portable EV chargers that allow them to set up their own points whilst attending the theme park.  


Scary City – Chorley

A 50-minute drive from Manchester and Liverpool, Scare City Experience is the world’s longest outdoor horror trail, with a staggering 2km path. Not for the faint of heart, the horror attraction has various different sections, including the Medieval Murder Zone and ending with Satanic Panic and has live actors in all sorts of horror costumes.

But, what about event charging? According to the website, there is no mention of EV chargers available on site. Looking at ZapMap, the closest chargers are at a service station on the M6 which is located near the abandoned theme park. Consider portable EV chargers. This way, drivers can set up their own points and leave their car charging whilst experiencing all the scares and thrills. The walk typically takes up to 90 minutes. The company, in the future, could also consider hiring points for their customers; whether this is an additional cost or part of the final purchase. Find out more about how event charging can benefit your business here.


Muncaster Castle – Cumbria

But, what about something more child-friendly? Based at Muncaster Castle in Cumbria, the Muncaster Halloween Festival is open from the 22nd of October through to the 30th. With scary mazes, fire shows and a spooky silent disco, it is the perfect family day and night out this spooky season!

Based around the Lake District, Muncaster Castle currently has one charging device and two connectors. However, is this enough to meet the demand? Especially with the 2030 ban coming up on new petrol and diesel vehicles. Event charging is ideal throughout the year to ensure your customers and guests will have enough charge once they leave. 


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