How to Pay for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

EV’s are the way forward; not just for the environment, but to cut the cost of fuel too. Research has shown that opting for a battery electric vehicle (BEV) can cut fuel costs by up to 80%; yet another incentive to look towards greener driving today. Different methods of EV charging can cost varied amounts, whether you’re looking to charge at home or at a public charging point. 

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, our goal is to provide EV charging where connecting to the charging infrastructure is either impossible or too expensive. These off-grid locations often get forgotten about during the EV surge. Our battery storage chargers are available for destinations and events alike, but what about other forms of charging? Read on to discover the costs involved with charging an electric vehicle…

Public Charging Points

There are a range of networks available across the country that provide public charging. Prices can differ, depending on the speed of the charge and the location. Places such as hotels and supermarkets usually give their power away for free, but other places will charge around £1.50 per hour, with rapid chargers costing around £3 for 45 minutes. The current rate is 39p per kWh.

Individuals usually prefer to charge at home or at work, depending on whether there is a charging service available. Public charging points usually charge you via your credit or debit card. However, some networks come with their own apps, allowing you to make purchases that way. Our portable EV charging points are available to rent at a bespoke cost. To view the rest of our services, please visit us here.

Home Charging

Probably the most popular option when it comes to charging, plugging in at home simply connects to your electricity network. Of course, this becomes a part of your electricity bill, but some EV sceptics wonder how much. The honest answer is that it all depends on how much home and public charging you do and the type of charger you have. However, you can get a grant for the installation of your home charger, which can reduce upfront costs by up to £350.

EV Chargers for Rent

Renting out portable EV charging stations is a great option for events and anyone looking to camp in a remote location. Our battery storage EV chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging don’t need to be connected to the grid, making them perfect for remote locations. They can reduce range anxiety and get more EV drivers in off-the-grid locations charged up, providing all drivers with the incentive to go green today.

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