How Battery Storage Charging Can Help Us Out of Lockdown

The end of the pandemic is in sight, as more people are getting vaccinated day by day. As the number of vaccines being rolled out increases, we can now open the country and get back to normal. During the past year, it’s not just our daily lives that have been changed; sales of electric cars went up 43% during the pandemic. As we emerge, we’re all raring to go out and get back what we lost. But will electric vehicle (EV) drivers be accommodated? Destination charging is hard to come by in some areas, so we need to step up.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, it’s our mission to provide a charging network where the infrastructure is either too expensive or impossible to connect to. Our cutting-edge battery storage technology is designed to get those in off-the-grid locations charged up and on the road, all the while keeping them free of range anxiety. Our technology could help ease us all out of lockdown, and here’s why…

Event Accommodation With Destination Charging

We’ve all missed the simple things in life, particularly events such as concerts and festivals. Following the Government’s roadmap, we should be able to return to our own version of normal by the 21st of June, but this isn’t guaranteed. However, events are still hoping to go ahead and welcome more people back, but EV drivers may be put off if there’s nowhere available to charge their vehicle.

Event car charging can benefit, not only your revenue, but the EV landscape too, encouraging more people to go green and opt for an electric or hybrid car. EV drivers worry about the amount of charging points available on their journey and have a lot more route planning to do than petrol and diesel cars. In order to help with the route planning, Zap Map is a great way to discover the chargers on your route. The charging infrastructure can be hard to connect to, and our chargers can be deployed wherever and whenever. 

Helping People on the Road to Staycations

As much as we can’t wait to hop on a plane and get away, a lot of us are opting to stay in the UK and travel to the seaside instead. With this in mind, people need to travel there, and a lot of us choose to take our cars. Although there are now more destination charging locations and charge pods than petrol stations in the UK, they’re mainly in larger cities, and remote locations can sometimes be left out in the cold. By providing a mobile EV charging service, we can get more people on the road.

Some people may choose to travel to the Lake District, Cumbria, or other remote locations to get away from everything for a while, but for EV drivers, this can be quite nerve-wracking. Range anxiety is a real problem in the EV community, which can be an issue for remote locations who need tourism for income. By providing battery storage chargers, we can help get more people to these locations without fear of not finding a charging station, allowing all locations across the country to get back to normal.

More Travelling = More Need for Charging

As previously mentioned, more and more people will be looking to keep their travels within the UK, as holidays abroad are not only uncertain at the moment, but they’ve also increased in price. As more people opt for travelling within the UK, this therefore increases the need for destination chargers, most of which will need to connect to the infrastructure.

Our Destination Charging Services

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we focus more on remote locations across the UK, providing drivers in those locations with incentives to opt for a greener vehicle. We can deploy our chargers for both destination charging and for rental at events, as well providing charge to all kinds of homes. If you would like to discover more, please fill out our online form here, or give us a call on 0800 702 2661.