What’s Happening at This Year’s London EV Show?

For EV drivers, it is important to understand what is current and popular in the EV industry. When it comes to EV charging solutions and the latest technology, where can drivers find this information efficiently and effectively? Why, The London EV Show of course.


Find out all you need to know about this year’s EV show and the EV charging solutions on offer.

The London EV Show 2022

After the impressive success of the 2021 show, this year’s instalment is set to only be bigger and better than ever. The London EV Show 2022 is scheduled to take place in ExCeL London from November 29 to December 2022. 


The gathering of the complete EV chain under one roof will take place to promote networking within the industry and aid in the identification of countless business prospects and EV charging solutions available in the UK market.


With a strong speaker lineup, a huge display of the newest EV models and cutting-edge EV charging solutions on offer, it is surely an unmissable event for EV drivers and businesses across the UK. The must-see event is hosted in a sizable display area, so there’s plenty of room for exploring and attending important speakers. 


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What Notable EV Companies Will Be Attending?

The London EV Show will have a sizable exhibition at ExCel London in 2022 for major EV enterprises to display the newest models, next-generation electrification technology, innovative goods and EV charging solutions to an enthusiastic audience. 


The three-day event will provide EV drivers with a fantastic chance to see everything the EV industry has to offer, including the most cutting-edge e-bikes, cars, buses, trucks, scooters, vans, eVTOL/UAMs, residential and commercial portable EV charging solutions, disruptive ideas, etc. at the London EV Show 2022.


Notable EV companies such as Ford, EZOO, CityEV and i-charging will exhibit their services and offer opportunities for questions at their individual panels. Whether this is for EV charging solutions or simply the latest best-selling EVs on the market, it’s sure not one to miss!

Portable EV Charging Solutions

There’s no question that the London EV Show 2022 will focus on all aspects of the electric vehicle industry, including portable charging methods. As electric vehicles spend most of their time parked, whether this is out and about or home charging, this time should be utilised. Therefore, businesses and other organisations should consider portable EV chargers for their employees and customers. 


With portable EV charging solutions, drivers have the opportunity to set up their own points when they are requiring charge. But, this works the same for businesses. People may be more inclined to visit their businesses (like hotels and restaurants) if they have been provided for. 

Our EV Charging Solutions

At Elite, our team provide portable EV charging solutions for drivers and businesses across the country. From popular events, such as music festivals, to maximising the charging opportunities at workforces and overnight destination charging. We are here to help!


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