Which Car Companies Have Plans For the Future Electric Vehicle Market?

As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, especially with the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles coming up, various car manufacturers have been designing and selling their own EVs. Companies such as Tesla and Volkswagen currently dominate the global electric vehicle market, with Tesla selling over 300,000 BEVs per year. 


However, is this set to change in the future? Let’s take a look at the future plans car manufacturers have for the EV industry and how portable EV charging can help.

August Statistics 

But first, let’s dive further into the current EV market and the number of sales the UK currently has. According to New Automotive, one in seven new vehicles were EVs in August 2022. Drivers are converting to EVs more than ever, as, in August 2021, this was one in 10. There was an increase in fully electric vehicles from 10% to 14% compared to hybrid sales, which did not perform as well. 


In the electric vehicle market, the top contenders for the largest sales may surprise you. August 2022 saw BMW take the top stop from Tesla, with 1014 electric vehicles registered, compared to Tesla’s 902. Also on the list was Volkswagen with 882, Hyundai with 715 and Mercedes-Benz with 577. Find out more about what the current best-selling electric cars are in the UK here. 


In March 2022, Ford stated that it will be launching seven additional electric vehicles by 2024, after the successful launch of their Mustang Mach-E. While some of these cars are expected to be vans (the E-Transit, for instance, will debut later in 2022 with a 196-mile battery range), others are targeted directly at a booming segment of the passenger car market.


As there are so many new models coming onto the global electric vehicle market, it is important that there are charging facilities in place. Businesses should consider hiring either temporary or permanent portable EV chargers, for both their customers and employees. It’s a great way to attract eco-friendly customers and showcase the company’s own environmental goals. Find out more here. 

Aston Martin

The car that made James Bond look cool. Currently, Aston Martin has no EVs on the market. Yet, this is set to change in the near future. The car manufacturer has stated their claim of electrifying their vehicles and making sure that every one of its models has an electrified powertrain by 2026.


Coming in 2024, Aston Martin will be releasing their first electric model named “Valhalla”. This is a result of the company aiming to stop manufacturing new internal-combustion engines by 2030. So, keep an eye on the electric vehicle market in the near future as Aston Martin is sure to make its mark.  


The top spot in August 2022 continues to expand. In the current market, BMW has the iX1, the i4, the iX and the i3, which is being discontinued. The company intends to introduce electric versions of the 5 and 7 Series vehicles, dubbed the i5 and i7, respectively, in addition to an electric 3 Series (currently only for the Chinese market).


We forgot to mention that it’s not just car manufacturers that are getting into the electric vehicle market. Sony is a large conglomerate that has dipped its toes into various sectors, including technology and phones, PlayStation gaming consoles and blockbuster movies such as the Spider-Man movies.


Sony has revealed their plans for their upcoming EV ventures. This includes two new electric vehicles (Vision-S saloon and Vision-S 02 SUV), released with their division Sony Mobility Inc. Time will tell on whether this will make an impact on the UK market, however. 


Elite EV Charge

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