London Mayor Wants Daily Road Charge: What Does This Mean?

2021 marked a landmark in Electric Vehicle (EVs) sales, with 190,727 new registrations and accounting for 11% of all new car sales. By the end of 2022, it is projected that electric vehicle sales will outperform diesel cars, making the latter obsolete. It is expected that EV sales will continue to increase and consequently, drivers will need an EV charger and charging stations set up across the UK.

Another factor to consider is the charge rate on points across the UK. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has expressed his plans for introducing a daily road charge for drivers. But what does this mean for portable EV charging?

What Is The Daily Road Charge?

In recent news, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has proposed charging drivers a “small” daily £2 fee for “all but the cleanest vehicles”. This is in response to the 2030 ban on all new petrol and diesel cars, in an effort to lower the planet’s carbon footprint. A study by City Hall states that there needs to be a 27% reduction in car traffic and this new regulation is trying to force this change.

This makes no difference to many EV owners, as they will not face any charges, however for the rest of the city’s population, the “small” fee accumulates massively. Specifically for commuters who work every day. This petition has been faced with various negative feedback, including the RAC calling it “poorly timed” and that electric vehicles are too expensive.

Yet, the charge will no doubt cut carbon emissions. There is also the opportunity to qualify for a £1,500 discount for electric cars under £32,000. It helps the drive towards carbon-free solutions and influences more EV sales. 

What Is Destination Charging?

You can see both sides of the argument. But, no matter where you stand, it is safe to say EV sales will most likely increase as drivers will not want to pay to be on the road. However, this also leads to another problem… Where do you charge?

As EV sales have steadily increased, the number of chargers have also. Yet, it still doesn’t meet the level of demand. As of January 1, there have been 28,375 public charging points around the UK, offering different charging needs and charge rates. Nonetheless, if there are more electric vehicles on the road, drivers may have range anxiety that they will not have enough charge, or at an electric vehicle charging station, there will not be enough points.

Destination Charging provides drivers with the opportunity to set up temporary points wherever, letting them have the choice. These are ideal for those off-grid, or in city centres where charging points may be unavailable. For more information, check out our page on the benefits of this portable EV charger.

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