Could Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Be Doing More for the EV Revolution?

As electric vehicles (EVs) take on more forms as they evolve, the charging landscape is changing with them. More and more EV charging points are cropping up across the country, with events and off-grid locations looking for portable options to satisfy guests and lower their carbon footprint. Despite these newer models and cheaper variants becoming available, EV companies are promoting their brand at every given opportunity. But are they really doing enough? With more practical car charging solutions becoming available, the EV surge keeps growing, but more needs to be done…

There are plenty of ways that car manufacturers can encourage EV driving that spans beyond just simply advertising. By broadcasting the effects of climate change, particularly the role of events and their carbon emissions, companies can influence the expansion of the public charging network, making event organisers more proactive concerning their approach to climate change. By providing portable vehicle charging points to events and destinations across the country, we can encourage more people to go green, decreasing their range anxiety.

Providing Incentives

In most advertisements that you’ll see for electric vehicles, you’ll often see them promoting the benefits for the environment and how many miles a car has before it needs to be charged again. Electric vehicles are the perfect vehicle for saving the planet, but there are other attractive incentives that are rarely spoken about. For example, EV drivers don’t have to pay road tax, and there are various locations across the country where they can charge their vehicle completely free. Vauxhall has recently extended their offer providing a free home charger and 30,000 miles worth of free charge to anyone who buys a new all-electric vehicle. This offer was only available to Corsa-e buyers, but has now been made available with more vehicles in Vauxhall’s fleet.

This incentive provided by Vauxhall encourages more people to go electric, with charging points installed at their homes and free charge to save them money; incentives are quickly going out of fashion for internal combustion engine vehicles, as EV’s begin to take over. More car manufactures could benefit from teaming up with EV charging companies to help more people become accustomed to driving an electric car, increasing the EV revolution and increasing sales. Our car charging solutions are compatible with all makes and models of electric vehicles, and can be deployed to events and destinations without having to connect to the grid. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

EV Charging at Events

As mentioned in our previous article, more festivals, sports games and other events are taking the initiative and incorporating more eco-friendly alternatives into their manifesto. The one thing they’re missing out on, however, is the lack of charging stations. Many don’t realise that you don’t need to connect to the grid anymore, with various battery storage options such as our chargers out there. Car manufacturers could plead their case to these events and encourage them to promote EV charging. This not only leads to more visitors to the events, but can increase the sales of electric vehicles too.

Transport to and from events such as music festivals is responsible for most of the carbon emissions from the event. Banning single-use plastics and serving more vegan food is a great way to help lower your carbon footprint, but doesn’t tackle the big issue at hand. By encouraging the deployment of portable chargers, we can allow visitors to charge their electric car, and the events won’t have to connect to the grid, making it perfect for annual occasions.

How We Can Help With Car Charging Solutions

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can provide battery storage chargers to destinations and events where connecting the grid is either impractical or impossible. In order for events such as music festivals and sports games to really show their dedication, they need to provide places for EV drivers to charge in order to lower their carbon emissions and decrease the drivers’ range anxiety. Manufacturers need to highlight the benefits of deploying chargers, as it takes away one of the main fears of potential EV drivers; the lack of chargers.

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