Electric Vehicle Chargers Coming to a Waitrose Near You

The global fuel tycoon Shell has reached an agreement with Waitrose to install 800 electric vehicle chargers at their UK supermarkets by 2025. The sum of 800 charging stations will be spread across 100 different Waitrose locations, and each charging point will feature six 22kW AC chargers, accompanied by two fast 50kW DC chargers. 

To provide some context on the charge rate and speed, a Tesla Model 3 fitted with the smallest 55kWh battery pack usually takes around five hours to reach full battery capacity using a 22kW charger. In just 50 minutes a50kW convector can take a battery from fully depleted to 80% charge.

Shell Recharge is Shell’s on-forecourt electric vehicle chargers with over 100 posts across the UK. Shell Recharge aims to increase the number to 200 by the end of this year.

The EV side of the fuel corporation will install the chargers as it pushes to continue its gradual shift away from oil production and slowly reduce the sales figures of carbon dioxide emitting petrol and diesel vehicles.

As of July 2021, Shell has announced their desire to provide the UK with over 5,000 charging points by the time 2025 comes around. 

The plan to introduce charging points to Waitrose supermarkets will be Shell’s first venture into destination charging – installing chargers in locations that people regularly visit, such as shops, gyms and restaurants as opposed to fuelling up at existing petrol stations or in dedicated service sites.

What Does This Mean for EV Charging Infrastructure?

For the betterment of our ecosystem, the news of new EV infrastructure is massive, and for the growth of the EV industry in the UK, this news is even better. More charging stations allow EV drivers to travel without worrying about where the nearest fuelling point is. For many, the introduction of a quick, easy and reliable power source helps to settle any range anxiety.

The Growth of the EV Industry

As we trudge closer to 2030, we’re seeing the number of electric vehicle sales increase exponentially. The UK government’s goal to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars is in full swing. As a result, more and more companies are searching for ways to provide improved services to help better the industry and ensure that the country is able to cope with the growing demand.

The Tesla Impact

In June 2021, Tesla announced a plan to roll out a network of roadside restaurants that would be set up at or near to their existing charging infrastructure.

Currently, Tesla is the only car manufacturer that has constructed its own exclusive charging network that is only available to Tesla customers. However, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has announced that the American Supercharger network would be opened up to all makes and brands of electric vehicles at a later stage, with a guide to global locations pending.


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