What National Trust Locations Have EV Charge Points?

Over the past couple of years, the National Trust has offered its members free EV charge points at various locations. So, before venturing out to some of the UK’s most scenic places, EV drivers should ensure that they will be able to charge their vehicle whilst exploring. 

Where Can I Charge My Electric Vehicle?

Check out some of the best National Trust places with EV charging points available and how portable chargers can help. 



It’s no surprise that the northern county would be on this list. With gorgeous settings and grand Georgian homes, there are plenty of National Trust places to choose from. And, three that have electric vehicle chargers in place.


Want to toss a coin to your witcher? Part of the Netflix show, The Witcher, was filmed at Fountains Abbey, based in Ripon. Much like the car park, the EV charge points are also on a first-come-first-basis; which can result in charge rage against other drivers. Why not hire your own portable EV charger to avoid this? Then, you can leave your car in confidence, knowing you will return to a fully charged vehicle.  


Other Yorkshire National Trust places include Rievalux Terrace, Ormesby Hall and Nunnington Hall; all of which have a few charge points located in their public car parks. Free of use for National Trust members.  


London and the South East

Both Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire (in the visitor park) and Reigate Hall and Gatton Park have EV charge points available for their guests. 


Waddesdon, surrounded by the views of Oxfordshire, has a wide range of activities spread across the land, with a 20-25 minute walk just from the car park to the manor. So, why not optimise this time wisely? Destination charging includes leaving an electric vehicle on charge whilst getting about with your day. In day-to-day life, this could include at shopping centres or whilst working. But, why not do it in style at Waddesdon Manor? The car park has four bays specifically for electric vehicles, including 16A EV Type 2 free to use. 

Lake District

At Elite, we have previously spoken about the Lake District. But, did you know that it is home to over 15 National Trust locations? Home of Beatrix Potter, the beloved author took the landscapes as inspiration for her writing. So, why not take your EV and drive through the countryside? 


With the deepest lake in England, Wasdale is perfect for long drives and hikes among the highest mountains. And now, there are even EV charge points available. However, this is not the only location. There are plans in place for a further 3 locations to have EV chargers installed in car parks nearby for EV drivers to use freely.    

Portable EV Charging 

However, though the country is becoming more electric, there are certain people that believe permanent EV charge points will ruin the location and take away from nature. National Trust for Scotland (NTS) bosses have said that they are concerned the electric vehicle chargers will disrupt these places that people value.


However, this does not have to be the case. EV drivers do not have to use public stations if they include portable EV chargers on their journeys. This way, EV drivers can still charge their vehicle whilst visiting some of the UK’s most beautiful places. All while not disrupting the environment, or even fighting with other drivers for the limited points. With portable EV charging, drivers get to decide when, where and for how long they charge their vehicle. 

Our Electric Vehicle Chargers

Elite EV Charge provides temporary and permanent mobile EV charge points for drivers across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events; we advocate the use of portable EV chargers to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint.

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