New Developments in Electric Vehicles Charging Technology

As more people look towards a brand-new electric vehicle (EV), advancements in technology means there are now extra incentives to take the plunge and go green. Not only are there road tax benefits for opting for an electric or hybrid vehicle, but portable EV charging now makes it possible for remote locations to keep up to date with the demand for electric vehicles.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy cutting edge battery storage chargers to destinations and events alike, helping those where connecting to the infrastructure is either impossible or too expensive. By using the latest technology, we can help EV drivers across the country get connected and charged as efficiently as possible. Read our latest article below to see how EV charging technology has advanced over time.

Battery/Energy Storage

A useful alternative where connecting to the infrastructure is either expensive or impossible, energy storage works to allow drivers in more remote locations to connect to the grid as efficiently as possible. Energy storage car charging works by storing electricity off grid, but would also incorporate load management. Battery storage can be used as a portable solution for situations such as music festivals and car shows, as no connection to the grid is required.

Battery storage can also avoid tariffs at peak demand charging times, and can even act as an income source where network incentives or feed in tariffs operate. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we care deeply about the environment, and we wish to encourage everyone to switch to an electric vehicle sooner rather than later. Our battery storage charging stations can help EV drivers in all corners of the nation get fully charged for their journey’s, reducing range anxiety in the process.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

A great option for businesses, vehicle to grid charging looks similar to the regular charging network, but it includes bi-directional inverters, allowing energy to flow to and from your vehicle. In this instance, your vehicle becomes a portable battery, and can provide services to both your home and your business. You can read more about vehicle to grid charging in our previous article here.

Currently in testing for its commercialisation stage, V2G charging is a great incentive for businesses to look towards electric vehicles for their business. The charging infrastructure is still being developed in order to provide fast charging stations so EV drivers can get on the road as quickly as possible. Our portable EV chargers can help decrease the range anxiety that some drivers experience, and encourage more people to go green.

Inductive Charging

Also known as wireless charging, inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between the vehicle and the charging port through electromagnetic induction. This promising new wave of charging could revolutionise how we see electric vehicles and charging stations, as it looks towards getting rid of charging lines. 

At this moment, there are no vehicles that are compatible with inductive charging, but there are hopes that there will be in the future. Right now, our cutting-edge technology is the best in the business, allowing not only those living in towns and cities to charge, but those in remote locations to fuel up too. For more information, or to hire our portable EV chargers, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form


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