How We Can Help the Welsh EV Strategy

The Welsh Government has recently announced its plans to provide a more collaborative and innovative approach to electric vehicle (EV) charging. They’re looking to expand their standards and provide more development to the EV charging network, but this can be a struggle as Wales have plenty of off-grid locations to contend with. 

With £30 million promised over the next five years to help develop the charging infrastructure, Wales have shown their commitment to a carbon neutral future. Through collaborations with the transport sector, Wales are well on the way to accommodating for EV driver needs, but what about more remote locations? Our portable EV chargers are perfect for off-grid EV charging and can help locations across the UK get connected. 

The Issue with Grid Capacity

There are approximately 300 destination chargers at 150 locations across Wales, but these are placed in more populated areas such as towns and cities. By incorporating smart technology, the government can capture the benefits of vehicle to grid. To meet future demand, the grid will need to adapt and change in more rural areas, which can be incredibly expensive. Our mobile chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging don’t need a grid connection and can charge an electric car no matter where you are in the country. This can fill the void greatly as grid upgrades take place.

National Grid’s future energy scenarios predict that the electric public charging climate will have a big effect on how the grid operates, using batteries as storage (‘vehicle to grid’ technology) to help balance overall supply and demand.

Accommodating Larger Businesses

Another demand placed upon the government’s shoulders is the number of businesses wishing to connect to the grid for their staff and customers. As more people turn to electric vehicles, they need more than just their home charge point. By providing car charging stations on your premises, you’re providing your staff with accessibility, and any future staff with an incentive.

As previously mentioned, connecting to the grid can be difficult or impossible in some remote locations, but by providing customers with our battery storage chargers, we can accommodate drivers whilst connection to the grid is being developed. If connection is impossible, our chargers can be a permanent fixture to help get drivers charged and ready to go.

Wales are making those necessary changes to become completely carbon neutral, but by providing battery storage chargers to destinations and events alike, we can encourage more people to make the switch, decreasing range anxiety and giving drivers more places to charge. If you would like more information about the EV charging network, you can fill out our online form. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest EV industry news.