How Providing More EV Chargers can Increase Sales

Although electric vehicles are becoming more prominent; there are still some anxieties and fears that surround the range that electric cars can provide and if there are enough chargers spaced around the country. Off-the-grid public charging is very sparse, so mobile EV charging is the perfect option to fill that gap.

Here at Elite Charging, we provide battery storage mobile electric vehicle charging to off-the-grid locations and events. Charging an electric car can be a hassle, especially if you’re on a long journey. Elite Vehicle Charging aims to solve this conundrum to help electric car drivers feel more accommodated. Read our article below to see how providing more charging points can help increase the sale of electric vehicles.

Decreases Range Anxiety

A big issue lots of EV drivers face is the lack of charging points around the country; especially in remote areas. Connecting to the grid can sometimes be expensive, impossible, or both, so EV drivers are stuck if they’re off-the-grid. By providing more mobile EV chargers that can operate off-the-grid, it is not only cost-effective but decreases that anxiety that puts a lot of people off switching to electric.

EV drivers often feel they need to plan their route religiously in order to keep charged up. Although apps such as Zap-Map can help with this, it’s better to know that, no matter where you are, you’ll never be far from a charging station. Elite Vehicle Charging aims to solve this dilemma easily and cost-effectively by using battery storage chargers to help EV drivers charge up efficiently.

More Accommodation for EV Drivers

Due to the fact that more people still drive petrol and diesel cars; there simply isn’t enough accommodation for electric vehicles. Charging points are available in cities and towns, but in more remote areas, they can be hard to come by. Often, EV drivers can feel less accommodated. They may feel that they need to have a full charge at home and plan their route meticulously. In order to make up for a lack of charging networks, battery storage charging could easily be the way forward; providing power and ease of access to EV drivers across the country.

When looking at EV charging for hire, consider Elite Vehicle Charging and our range of mobile battery storage chargers. They’re perfect for destination charging and events. By providing off-the-grid charging points to remote locations; we can solve the EV charging conundrum efficiently and effectively, which in turn matches the demand for electric vehicles.

How We Can Help

By 2030, petrol and diesel cars will cease to be manufactured, as electric cars pave the way to a more environmentally friendly future. Therefore, we need to meet this demand, as one of the main reasons people aren’t making the switch sooner is the fear of range and charger availability. By providing battery storage mobile chargers to off-the-grid areas, we can ease these worries, and make electric vehicles seem like the most viable option.

If you would like to hire mobile EV chargers for your upcoming event in order to accommodate EV drivers, please get in touch with us today by calling 0800 702 2661.