How to Convince Someone to Go Electric

In today’s more environmentally conscious world, there has been an increase in people taking the plunge to lower their carbon footprint. From eating less meat to buying more sustainable products, there are numerous ways in which we can save the planet. An important and effective step forward is by driving an electric vehicle, but some people still have their concerns. If one of those worries involves car charging, we’re here to help.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy mobile battery storage car charging to off-the-grid locations across the UK. Whether that be providing destination charging or assisting those with electric vehicles at events such as festivals, we aim to eradicate range anxiety for EV drivers and ensure there are charging stations available across the country. By providing mobile electric vehicle charging points, we can encourage more people to opt for an EV or hybrid car; lowering the entire country’s carbon footprint.

Better For the Environment

One of the most attractive qualities of electric vehicles is their impact on the environment. They produce zero emissions whilst being driven. If you’re not ready to go fully electric just yet, there are hybrid options available. EV driving is truly the step forward in our efforts to lower our destructive impact on the planet. With the growing destination charging network, the ability to charge your car on the go is increasing.

Although there are EV charge points scattered across the country, there aren’t many off-grid locations; meaning range anxiety still exists amongst EV drivers. Our mission is to provide off-the-grid public charging points to ensure that EV drivers have adequate provisions for charging. By providing mobile destination chargers, we can reassure EV drivers and encourage others to go electric today.

More Charging Points

As previously mentioned, a big concern when electric cars first made their way on the scene was the concern that there weren’t enough electric car charging points. This still worries some people now, but there are still a number of places to charge an electric car. Whether that be at service stations or supermarket car parks. When you purchase an electric vehicle, a home charger will be installed for you to charge your car at your convenience. But when you’re out and about, it can sometimes be difficult to find a charging point.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we hope to make these concerns a thing of the past. By using battery storage technology, our mobile EV chargers can be deployed to off-the-grid locations. This makes it that much easier for EV drivers to charge their car during their journey. If you’re looking to plan a long drive, try Zap-Map to ensure you’ll never be without fuel.

Prepare for the Future

The UK Government plans to stop the production of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030; a year not so far in the future. Although plug-in hybrids will be allowed until 2035, it’s still a good idea to prepare yourself for a fully electric drive. Taking the first step with a hybrid is a good start, as self-charging variations charge your electric battery as you run on fuel.

You’ve got nine years until petrol and diesel vehicles cease to be manufactured; why not try a brand new electric vehicle? As the demand for electric vehicles increases, so will the need for destination EV chargers, and we hope to fill that demand with battery storage technology. By providing more accessible options for electric vehicle charging, drivers don’t have to worry about finding a charging point before they run out of charge. Our chargers can be supplied to off-the-grid areas and events alike, accommodating EV drivers in all kinds of locations.

If you would like to find out more about our services, or you wish to hire our mobile chargers today, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661.