Range Anxiety – How Battery Storage Can Help You

If you own an electric vehicle (EV), or you’re considering making the change; there may be a few details you’re concerned about. Although going electric is the best way to lower your carbon footprint whilst driving, some people are worried about how far their vehicle will get them before needing to be charged. Luckily, here at Elite Vehicle Charging; we deploy battery storage technology to decrease this range anxiety and get you on the road in an electric vehicle as quickly as possible.

We’re dedicated to lowering your carbon footprint by providing off-grid electric car charging points to ensure you keep your car charged up. By providing both fixed and mobile battery charging points, we can guarantee a smoother journey towards completely electric motoring; with rapid charging speeds and ease of access across the country.

Driver Concerns

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in today’s climate. They’re the best way to save the environment whilst driving, but the concerns still remain surrounding range and charging. Public charging points exist across the country (you can find your nearest one on apps such as Zap-Map), but there aren’t enough. As the demand for EV driving increases, so will charging points. We work to provide a solution to end range anxiety for good.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we believe EV drivers should have increased access to an off-grid charging network in order to lower these concerns surrounding range and power. By using mobile battery storage instead of expensive fixed points; drivers don’t have to make stops out of their way just to charge their vehicle, and can instead charge off-the-grid.

Longer Journeys, Less Fuss

When driving an electric vehicle, it can be difficult making longer journeys. The constant need to charge when going a long way puts people off purchasing an electric vehicle. Therefore, this decreases the need for charging points and accessibility for EV drivers. By employing battery storage chargers in off-the-grid locations, charging an electric car has never been easier.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide battery storage mobile charging points to off-the-grid locations; such as sporting events and music festivals. This allows EV drivers to charge their cars at their own convenience. We hope to eradicate concerns of range for good, allowing more people to switch to electric vehicles and lower the country’s carbon footprint.

How We Can Help

Although there are units out there to help drivers charge at home and at selected service stations across the country; we here at Elite Vehicle Charging don’t believe it’s enough. By providing mobile battery storage charging to off-the-grid locations, we can decrease the range anxiety that many drivers have, and allow them to have a more smooth driving experience.

For more information on how we can help you, please visit our contact us page here.