The Benefits of Portable EV Charging for Hotels

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we have previously written about the various benefits of deploying portable electric vehicle (EV) chargers at resorts such as campsites. Public charging stations are on the increase, providing charge to EV drivers across the country. However, they are only really available in major towns and cities, leaving remote locations out in the cold. Hotels could take the initiative and deploy vehicle charging points for their guests, but should they opt for grid chargers?

Portable EV charging is a great benefit for more than just remote locations. They can allow businesses to discover how many chargers they need. Also, if you don’t want to leave a legacy behind, consider rentable EV chargers for your own peace of mind. We can deploy our chargers for destination and event charging alike across the country. Are you considering vehicle charging points for your hotel? Read our latest article below.

Making Plans for More Chargers

In an article by ‘Inside EVs,’ it was reported that hotels are finally beginning to notice the benefits of deploying EV charging stations in their car parks. Hotels in tourist attractions, such as the seaside or major cities, should already be taking the initiative and installing a whole fleet. However, for some hotels, it can be hard to know how many are needed. You don’t want them to become obsolete, and if you’re in a remote location, EV drivers may be few and far between…

By deploying portable EV charging points, you can determine, on average, how many chargers you will need. Even if you rent too many chargers, you can always return them. Installed grid chargers cannot be easily removed, and installing them is incredibly disruptive. You can use portable EV chargers as a learning process; as the EV surge grows, more will be needed, and you can add more to your fleet whenever you choose before you make the choice to install. Although, sticking with portable chargers could be a good idea too, as grid chargers are susceptible to power cuts and shortages.

Attracting Guests and Tourists

EV drivers who are travelling from all over the country will need a place to charge. Without one, they can develop range anxiety as they frantically search for somewhere to top up. If your hotel is located in remote locations, such as the Lake District, you could be the only charge point for miles. This can attract more and more guests to your hotel, as it may be a deciding factor for EV drivers. Connecting to the grid is impractical, so you may want to consider opting for portable EV charging.

EV drivers might not want to wait around at a charge point and wait for their vehicle to charge. Knowing that their vehicle is safe in the hotel car park charging can give them peace of mind and allow them to relax. You could also boost your green credentials and attract a whole new demographic of people. Not only does this benefit your business, but it helps tackle climate change too.

How We Can Help; Our Vehicle Charging Points

Here at Elite Vehicle Charge, we care deeply about the planet and are desperate to make a change. We understand that installing grid chargers isn’t for everyone. Hotels could witness significant disruption by installing chargers, which could drive away business. By deploying our portable vehicle charging points, you can rent your EV charger for as long as you need, saving you money and time when it comes to installing. If you decide to install in the future, mobile EV charging will provide you with an idea of approximately how many you need.

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