What are the Best and Worst Places to Drive an EV in the UK?

2021 was a great year for electric drivers and the growth of electric vehicle (EVs) sales. As of January 2022, there were 28,375 public electric vehicle chargers throughout the UK, an increase of 9% from October 2021. EV charging solutions have developed over the last few years; from rapid chargers to portable ones that help you avoid range anxiety. EV drivers really are spoilt for choice.

But, there is still a divide in the available EV chargers depending on your location. For bigger cities, like London, there will be a larger amount of chargers available than somewhere like Whitby. However, because London has a higher population, there are not enough chargers to meet demand and will more than likely have more queues.

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide portable EV charging solutions for EV drivers across the UK. We aim to make sure everyone can practically charge their vehicle wherever their journey may take them, including off-grid locations. Check out this list of the best places to live for EV driving.

1) Coventry

Congratulations Coventry! In a recent Forbes survey, the West Midlands city has been found to have the most available charging points for its population. Per 100k people, it has 128 standard and 13 rapid charge points that are accessible.

Most recently, an Indian EV manufacturer (Ola Electric) will be creating an engineering and vehicle design centre in Coventry. This global hub will focus on making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable globally, whilst bringing over 200 jobs to the city itself. This will surely increase Coventry’s status in the EV community.

2) Sunderland

Once the top spot, Sunderland has slipped into silver. The North East city has 57 standard and 9 rapid chargers, per 100k of its population. Though there are more chargers in the South, Sunderland has remained at the top due to the cost; an average of 32p per kWh in the South, compared to 25p in the North East.

Currently, the only large-scale EV battery factory in the UK is based in Sunderland; until construction finishes on the ‘Gigafactory’ in Northumberland. The expansion is to answer the huge demand for electric vehicles and will expand jobs and battery power voltage.

3) Newcastle

Much like its neighbour, Newcastle also has made steps to meet the demand for EV charging solutions. It has 41 standard and 9 rapid charge points per 100k; with an average cost for a home charge of £13.47.

Newcastle is also contributing to the development of electric vehicles. In January 2022, the city unveiled its first electric truck, replacing a diesel one. This is expected to reduce the overall carbon emissions by 20 tonnes annually. This is in line with the 2030 ban on new fossil-fuelled vehicles and an encouragement of new electric vehicle sales, which has rapidly grown. Check out the rest of the best places to drive an EV in the UK below:

  • Leeds
  • Middlesbrough
  • Reading
  • London
  • Sheffield
  • Glasgow
  • Cardiff

Worst Place for EV Charging Solutions – Leicester

Amongst cities such as Portsmouth and Belfast, Leicester was found to be overall the worst place for EV drivers. With only 25 standard and 0 rapid chargers per 100k of its population, it has the lowest score out of all of the UK.

Though the number of charging points are low, the University of Leicester is researching new materials for the electric vehicle revolution. Currently, Lithium (Li) batteries are primarily used however, these are hard to reuse and recycle, costing more than to mine more Li. But with the demand for EVs snowballing, this work might be vital for electric vehicle growth; the University of Leicester in collaboration with BHP.

EV Charging Solutions

EV drivers will have a more positive experience in cities with more accessible EV charging solutions. Relying on charging stations can cause queues, making you not able to fully charge your vehicle. However, there are alternatives that are worth considering. Using a portable EV charger allows you to make the decision when and where you charge your vehicle. It decreases the dreaded range anxiety, as you can safely and practically charge throughout long journeys, even in off-grid locations.

Elite EV Charge specialises in providing temporary and permanent portable EV charging solutions across the UK. We want to supply carbon-free and environmentally friendly solutions in order to decrease the planet’s carbon footprint.For more information, or to receive a quote, fill out our online form and a member of our team will be in touch. Or, follow us on Instagram for daily helpful tips and the latest information on electric vehicles.