Can I Rent EV Chargers? The Benefits of Not Buying

As electric vehicles (EVs) increase in popularity around the world, more and more EV charging stations have become a common sight. In towns and cities, permanent EV charger installation is preferred, as EV drivers can connect their car to a handy street charger. However, this isn’t possible for some, as people may encounter issues if they can’t charge and some locations may lack in tourism. Rental charging stations could prove to be a godsend, but you may be wondering, can I rent EV chargers?

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide exceptional portable EV chargers to destinations and events alike, providing rental contracts for those who do not want to install chargers. Temporary EV charging is much more practical for a lot of people and instances, with mobile EV chargers presenting an opportunity for off-grid locations to keep up with the times. If you need EV charging stations, but you don’t want to install them, our EV charging solutions are here to help.

Start with an EV Trial Run

There have been instances in the news of certain locations and businesses installing EV chargers, only to find that they aren’t working in the way that they should. Also, electric vehicles are still up and coming, so installing too many chargers could render the unused ones obsolete until it’s time for them to be used. Installing grid chargers are expensive and can be incredibly disruptive, so why not start with a portable trial run?

Electric vehicle charging is becoming a necessity everywhere, so make sure your business, destination or event isn’t left out in the cold. Try renting EV chargers so you can determine exactly how many you need, where they need to be placed and how often they are used. If you’re having grid problems anyway, you can still with portable EV charging stations. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

No Grid Connection? No Problem!

Locations such as the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District don’t have a large EV charging hub. It is difficult to connect to a stable connection in these places, so tourists and residents alike may suffer from range anxiety. These stunning destinations cannot afford to lose tourists, and they shouldn’t have to. Therefore, mobile EV charging stations that can be rented can provide a great EV charging solution.

These locations often wonder “can I rent EV chargers,” but they no longer need to ask this question. We can provide portable EV chargers to destinations across the country, tailored to your bespoke rental period and the amount of chargers needed. We also provide a concierge service to ensure that your chargers as working as optimally as possible. Electric vehicles are becoming a great choice for individuals and businesses alike, and practical charge is needed….

Providing an Advertising Backdrop for your Event

As mentioned in our previous article, EV charging presents a great opportunity for businesses and events. By providing EV chargers, you are promoting your sustainable credentials, attracting new guests and publicity. This also allows EV owners to relax at your event without worrying about the drive home and where the nearest charging station will be. By renting EV chargers, you don’t have to disrupt anything, as they can simply be placed and taken away. Once the event is over, your rental period will end, and you don’t have to worry about installation.

Here at Elite EV Charge, we care deeply about the planet and can’t wait for a future where every car on the road is electric. To find out more about our services, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here. If you’re still wondering, “can I rent EV chargers?” we’re here to ease any worries!