The Rise of Electric Vehicle Charging

With the exponential growth of the Electric Vehicle industry, we’re watching a new era of automotive technology usher its way into the forefront of society. The sales of battery electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid cars increased substantially in 2020. Plug-in cars accounted for one in ten of all cars sold in the United Kingdom. This is in light of the UK government’s plan to ban all sales of non-zero emission cars by 2030.

In total, 108,205 EV’s were sold last year, showcasing a 180% year-on-year increase. Meanwhile, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) sales rose by 90%, making a total of 66,877 sales for the year.

With the rapid surge of the EV industry, comes the tidal wave of infrastructure to follow in its wake.

EV Charging Points

The latest generation of autonomous vehicles are rolling their way into our streets volt by volt. With the surplus of these vehicles come the need for electric car charging points and zap maps. Electric cars such as Tesla’s and the Renault ZOE can now travel up to 395km without recharging. Increasing the number of vehicle charging points across the country makes charging easier and will allow electric vehicles to travel further.

However recent years have seen the rise in home charging stations being installed. Electric car owners believe that it is essential to have charging stations at home, making the switch to EV more feasible.


EV facilities are starting to take a prominent place in the UK. Soon we will stop typing ‘BP near me’ and start searching for our nearest electric pod point. As 2030 approaches we expect to see charging ports replacing our petrol stations.

The rapid growth of the industry has allowed companies to flourish with new ideas to bring to the table.

Destination Charging

This is a quick and easy solution to help connect the EV industry to users around the country. Destination charging stations are the future of refuelling. One day this type of infrastructure replace the fossil fuel infrastructure that dominates the economy and ecosystem today. 

As the demands for electric vehicles increase, so does the requirement of charging stations.

Portable Charging for Events

In years to come, EV stations will become a necessity. Large events that result in a mass gathering of cars will benefit massively from the introduction of EV charging points.

We could see the UK’s leading festivals introduce mobile EV charging stations as we edge closer to 2030.


Electric vehicle charging is paving the way for the future of autonomous travel. It looks to be shining light amongst the car industry. With the surge in popularity of EV charging, the supply of vehicle power is becoming evermore versatile and accessible. 

Businesses considering a permanent EV charger installation or waiting for infrastructure to be built have the benefit of EV charging immediately. 


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