What Portable EV Charging Means for Off-Grid Locations

As the country takes those all-important steps to become more environmentally conscious, more rural areas are being left in the cold. Remote locations that aren’t connected to the infrastructure cannot support electric vehicle charging points and are often forgotten about as the country makes those greener changes. In order to keep these locations in the loop, alternative charging stations are needed. Not only to support their own electric vehicle (EV) driving efforts but to accommodate those who may travel there.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy battery storage EV chargers to off-grid locations across the country; where connecting to the infrastructure is either too expensive or impossible. By providing off-grid EV charging, we can help improve the anxiety that surrounds EV driving by providing battery storage charging solutions to destinations and events across the country.


Homes in off-grid areas must use alternative sources if they wish to charge an electric vehicle, such as solar power. Many people worry that there isn’t enough accessibility for EV drivers in their locations. Range anxiety is often a concern, which leads to fewer EV sales. Also, popular tourist attractions in places such as the Lake District and Cumbria may not be too accommodating for EV visitors, with nowhere to charge their car.

Battery storage mobile chargers can help solve this conundrum once and for all, providing power to residents and tourists alike. Off-grid destination chargers don’t have to be a pipe dream. Our battery-powered solutions can be deployed in destinations across the UK; especially in areas where connecting to the grid is impossible. If you’re looking towards portable EV charging for hire, we also deploy our chargers to all kinds of events. You can inquire further by calling 0800 702 2661.

Less Pollution With Portable EV Charging

As the ability to successfully charge an EV vehicle is sparse in off-grid locations, it often puts people off driving one. Therefore, they stick to petrol or diesel alternatives. This can contribute to high levels of pollution in these rural areas, although it still won’t be as much as the levels in big cities. In order to keep pollution levels down, electric vehicles must be considered.

Battery-powered charging systems can help reduce this pollution by encouraging individuals to switch to an electric vehicle. A big factor that deters most people from going electric is the lack of charging ports. We can help answer this dilemma by providing our off-grid chargers to destinations and events across the country. When it comes to locations that are off-grid, electric vehicle charging needs to be presented in a form that won’t require infrastructure connectivity. This can be provided through our battery storage chargers.

Less Range Anxiety

For those who drive petrol and diesel vehicles, long journeys are made that much easier by the common occurrence of petrol stations at motorway services. When it comes to EV charging stations, they are few and far between; despite there being more charging points in the UK now than petrol stations. In remote locations, charging stations are incredibly hard to find, making it harder for people to adopt a greener drive.

When driving to rural areas such as national parks, electric charging stations can be hard to find. Tourists with EV’s can usually be put off. By providing battery storage chargers, we can take away this range anxiety; allowing EV drivers to be at peace with the knowledge that they won’t lose charge. We can hire out our chargers to individuals and events alike, allowing for long drives to take place without fear of running out of charge.