Which UK Cities Have the Fastest Charging Points?

Fastest Charging Points Across the UK

From 2030, new sales of petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned. Therefore, it is vitally important that there are sufficient charging points all across the UK. And this is becoming increasingly apparent.


As of January 1st 2022, there were 28,375 public EV charge outlets in the UK. Several British cities, including Bath, Birmingham, and Portsmouth, currently have clean air zones, and more will come in late 2022.


So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest UK cities that have the fastest charging points and how our services can help. 


Across the UK, Nottingham has the quickest chargers, with 92 rapid and 30 ultra-rapid chargers across the city. As the ban on new petrol and diesel cars is approaching, it is important to ensure there are enough charging points to meet this demand. 


Although most chargers are in London, due to the vast population, this demand is still not being met. However, in Nottingham, as there are fewer electric vehicle drivers, there are enough fast chargers for daily commutes. 

Milton Keynes

Also offering sufficient charging points, Milton Keynes council has stated their goal of installing 250 EV points across certain areas. In fact, the beginning of September 2022 saw the 100th electric vehicle charging point in the city. Parking is free in Milton Keynes for EV drivers that are parked and charged. Destination charging is an ideal solution for drivers who do not have the time to charge their vehicles at a public station. EV drivers can park their vehicle, charge it and get about their day. The city has over 65 rapid charge points, which is suitable for drivers needing a quick charge.


At Coachway, Milton Keynes now has a brand-new quick electric car filling station. The location has eight 50kW quick chargers that can accommodate all EV charging standards. The Milton Keynes Coachway station is built with three overhead canopies and is right off junction 14 of the M1, which is a minute’s drive away.


Between 2021 and 2022, there has been an increase in ultra-rapid devices, which are the fastest level of charging points available. And this is no different for Leeds. 


Currently, Leeds has 60 rapid and 17 ultra-rapid chargers in the city, totalling 77. In addition, Leeds was one of 21 locations that offered free public chargers, which compared to the South, is a much more cost-effective solution for driving. 


After the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, and the focus on EV charging points throughout the event, it should come as no surprise that Birmingham also offers various charging facilities. In fact, Birmingham has the most ultra-rapid chargers available in the UK, with 39. 


In total, Birmingham has 73 charging points that are fast charging, including 34 rapid points. This along with Coventry, mentioned below, makes the West Midlands region an ideal location to recharge during journeys. For those embarking on cross-country drives, why not consider a portable EV charger? This gives drivers the opportunity to set up their points wherever and whenever they want. Or, make sure to utilise apps such as ZapMap to find the nearest chargers or destination charging locations for you.


From a survey, it was found that Coventry has the best EV charging infrastructure in the UK, with 456 charging points and 1.4 electric vehicles per device. Also, as there are various fast chargers available, it is one of the friendliest cities for an electric vehicle driver. 


There are 71 rapid chargers available for drivers to utilise. Rapid chargers can take as little as 30 minutes and are available throughout the city. 

Our Portable EV Chargers

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide portable charging points for both EV drivers and businesses looking to supply charging stations. There needs to be an increase in charging points around the UK, especially in off-grid and remote locations.


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