Should Popular Museums Have EV Charging Points Available?

Museums With EV Charging Points

Across the UK, there are hundreds of different museums for all sorts of hobbies. From railways and transport to some of the oldest exhibits worldwide. But, when it comes to EV drivers, some may worry that they will not have enough charge after exploring. So, let’s have a look at which popular museums have vehicle charging points available and the benefits this can have for EV drivers.

The British Motor Museum

At The British Motor Museum, based in Warwickshire, guests and car lovers alike can see the world’s largest collection of historic British vehicles. However, it’s not just looking back into the past. The museum also shows the latest technology and vehicles of the future, including electric vehicles.


It makes sense for a museum that is dedicated to British cars that all types of vehicles will be catered for. For electric vehicles, the museum visitor car park has six charging stations, two of which have a 22kw charging socket and the remaining four have a 7kw charging socket. At the Conference Entrance, which is at the back of the museum building, there are four 7kw vehicle charging points for visitors to utilise whilst exploring the archives. 

Tate Museums

The Tate brand has various art galleries across the United Kingdom, including in Liverpool, Cornwall, St Ives and London. From some of the biggest pieces in British art to contemporary displays and exhibits, there’s something for everyone at these art galleries. 


For EV drivers, it’s important that they are aware of the electric vehicle charging points that are in the surrounding area to ensure they will have enough charge to make it home. For example, Tate Britain in London has limited pay and display, which is free on weekends. In the nearby vicinity, there is one charging point available on an opposite road.


There is an opportunity here that museums should take into consideration. As the demand for electric vehicle charging points will increase, providing charge stations for visitors improves the driving experience and lets EV drivers feel included. This might increase the brand’s reputation as an environmentally friendly business and encourage more visitors. 

V&A Museums

Also in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum is in South Kensington and admission is free. However, there is no parking on-site and drivers must rely on street parking. For EV drivers, charging whilst parked is a time-saving solution to ensure that their vehicle has enough charge. Although there are chargers available on the street, this is a first come first serve basis. So, what about if you arrive too late?


Portable EV chargers are ideal for drivers who want a definite charge whilst at the museum. By carrying a portable charger, drivers can set up their own charging point wherever if convenient for them. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

At Elite EV Charge, our team provides both temporary and permanent electric vehicle charging points for drivers across the UK. As the demand for electric vehicles will continue to increase, it is important that charging facilities are available in popular destinations, such as museums and art galleries.


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