Major UK Events that Could Benefit from EV Charging in 2022

Each year, we all look forward to certain annual events. Music festivals, sports games and other exciting events are just some of the things that we book a year in advance. Because of the pandemic, some of them are only just returning this year, making them even more exciting. However, since the pandemic started, the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) has increased, and more people will be looking for EV charging stations in the UK. Grid chargers aren’t suitable for certain annual events, so how can portable EV charging help?

By deploying mobile EV charging points, you can make provisions for EV drivers and decrease their range anxiety. They can be rented for a bespoke period of time, and be placed and taken away with ease, decreasing the disruption that grid charger installation can bring. Events could benefit majorly, and here are just some taking place this year that should consider portable EV charging…

FA Cup Final: 14th May

Football fans from across the UK look forward to the FA Cup final. Whether your team is playing or not, thousands of people gather in their local pub or around the TV to watch and see who will lift the trophy this year. The event itself takes place at Wembley stadium in London, which has red and blue car parks dedicated to EV charging. There are also charging hubs scattered around the stadium. However, there are only 30 electric car charging stations that belong to Wembley, which may not be enough…

EV drivers may not want to leave their cars at random places if all the chargers are taken up. If they leave their car at street chargers or hubs for too long, this could cause issues with residents and other drivers too. By deploying portable chargers, you can make provisions, allowing EV drivers to enjoy the match without worry. Unless, of course, their team is losing…

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: 2nd-5th June

This year, Queen Elizabeth II will have been our monarch for 70 years. As we enjoy an extra bank holiday, the more patriotic of us may be throwing or attending parties. Some may even venture down to London to watch the parade. EV chargers are in abundance in London, especially near the Mall and the palace. However, most are located on streets, and certain ones may be blocked off. 

Local authorities and even businesses in the area could deploy portable chargers in their car parks to give EV drivers a helping hand, and cause less disruption than there’s already bound to be.

If you’re organising an event to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee, consider deploying EV charging stations in the UK to not only benefit EV drivers, but support the EV surge. If you’re curious, you can check out our services page on our website here.

Birmingham Commonwealth Games: 28th July-8th August

The Commonwealth Games this year will be held in Birmingham, and Transport Midlands are already looking ahead. Leaving a legacy of grid chargers behind could actually cause issues on the road for people living in the area, so portable EV chargers are being considered. The games will be welcoming people from all over the world, so we have an opportunity to promote sustainable driving on a global scale. By deploying mobile EV chargers, we can help EV drivers get the charge they need, and they easily be removed after the games have finished.

When attending an event like the Commonwealth Games, no one wants to be fighting for a charger. The experience could be made so much better for guests without having to worry about charge. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide exceptional EV charging points to locations across the UK. From destination charging to EV charging for events, we’re here to help.

Pride Month: July

Across the UK in July and parts of August, pride events will be taking place. Thousands of people will take to the street of major cities to celebrate, with many opting to drive if celebrities will be in attendance or performing, or if they don’t fancy a drink. In major cities, EV chargers are available, but why battle for a place at the street chargers? Businesses can deploy portable chargers in their car parks, people can celebrate without worrying about how charged their car is.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy portable chargers to destinations and events alike. With a complimentary concierge service included, your chargers will be working as optimally as possible throughout your rental period. To find out more, or to receive a bespoke quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.