Which UK Festivals Could Benefit from Portable EV Charging?

2022 marks the return of many of the UK’s favourite festivals. Although some were allowed to take place in 2021 with Covid passes and tests required, more are back in full force for the upcoming year ahead. As thousands of people around the country prepare to make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV), it’s time for music festivals to step up and deploy event EV charging into their muddy fields. With so many issues and practical problems concerning installing EV charging stations in the UK, is it possible?

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re here to make it possible. Our portable EV charging stations can be deployed anywhere in the UK, providing a temporary solution to an ever-present problem. Connecting to the grid is not the best option for festivals. They’re usually in the middle of nowhere, and they’re annual events. Installing to the grid is basically an obsolete endeavour Luckily, our battery storage chargers can be deployed and taken away with ease.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, attracting thousands of people from across the UK and even further. Like most festivals, they encourage people to find other ways to travel as opposed to driving a car. They promote the sustainability of other transport, but what sets them apart is their provision of EV charging stations. They recruit the AA to deploy 10 portable EV chargers to keep EV drivers charged as they enjoy themselves at the festival.

Despite this, 10 won’t be enough to accommodate the surge we are to expect in the new year. It could lead to arguments between EV drivers as they fight for a space, which can ruin their event. Our event EV charging is in abundance; you can rent depending on your needs, providing expert charging solutions.

Isle of Wight Festival

The Isle of Wight has a population of around 141,600 people, but despite this, it has quite a sufficient EV charging network. There are plenty of places scattered around for festival-goers to charge their cars. If they’re planning to camp and park at the festival, this is where the issues arise. They don’t offer on-site EV charging as Glastonbury does, as most people get public transport due to the Isle being so small. However, people visit from across the UK will need to drive down to catch a ferry, but what about EVs?

Leaving your car at a street charging point isn’t an option for most people. EV charging companies could benefit from approaching legendary festivals like the Isle of Wight, stating their case and highlighting the need for chargers.

Reading and Leeds

Reading and Leeds recently teamed up with Charge Candy to provide mobile phone charging to festival-goers for a fee for the weekend. There is no access to electricity for regular campers, so having power to charge your phone is a lifesaver. In the middle of Little John’s Farm and Bramham Park, there‚Äôs no electricity, unless you opt for luxury camping. They also don’t provide EV charging for any camper, no matter whether you have VIP status or not. With thousands of people attending each year, this is bound to become a problem.

Elite Vehicle Charging can provide an exemplary charging service to all festival-goers; you can rent our chargers for the entirety of the festival, and they can be taken away with ease. They need no connection to the grid and are the perfect choice for event EV charging. We even provide a concierge service to keep chargers working as optimally as possible. You can find out more about our services here.

Kendal Calling

This festival is probably the one in the most need of portable EV chargers. Taking place in the middle of the Lake District in Keswick, the EV chargers that surround the area are few and far between. It’s probably an area that EV drivers would like to avoid, unless they live relatively close and charge their vehicle at home. Kendal Calling could attract a whole new demographic of festival-goers by supplying battery storage chargers; not only will EV drivers be impressed, but eco-conscious people will be too.

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