Which Electric Vehicles Are Dog-Friendly?

A dog is a part of the family. It’s why many do not want to leave them behind when going on holiday and find specific holiday resorts that accommodate man’s best friend. For electric vehicles, there are certain makes and models that will cater more to a dog’s needs during the journeys. Let’s have a look at which electric vehicles are the most dog-friendly and how this affects EV charger points. 


What Dog-Friendly Vehicles Should You Consider?

Although car journeys cannot be helped in certain situations, it is important to find the right car for you, your family and your pet’s needs. When it comes to dogs, most get motion sickness due to the constant stopping and starting. Some drivers also may worry that they will not have enough charge to make certain journeys, especially if their dog is in the back seat. 

To become dog-friendly, electric vehicles should have certain features. Their range and access to EV charger points being the main priority. 



All Tesla models have a “Dog Mode” and are entirely electric. By turning on this mode, you may leave your dog in the car without worrying about it overheating while it is parked. The dashboard displays a notification stating that the dog is not in danger to stop onlookers from shattering your window to save the dog. When the two backseats are folded, the Tesla S and Tesla X have the largest inside space, making them the best picks for big dogs.

When the battery drops below 20%, the driver will be sent a notification so that they can return to the vehicle and find EV charger points to recharge. 

Also, Teslas tend to have some of the longest ranges, such as the Model S which has 360 miles per charge. This means, once the electric vehicle is charged, there is no need to keep stopping at charging stations. If you require overnight stays, consider looking for hotels that offer EV charger points with the accommodation. Find out more about destination charging here. 


Kia EV6

The EV6’s low load height is one of its key characteristics that makes it dog-friendly. Smaller dogs will find it much simpler to get into the boot as a result. Additionally, there is sufficient inside space, making it a good choice for families with small or medium-sized dogs.

The EV6 is a good option if you’re new to electric cars as well, thanks to a variety of technologies that make driving more convenient without sacrificing enjoyment. In order to maximise energy efficiency, the vehicle will alter the amount of brake regeneration based on your speed, the distance you are from other vehicles, hills, and curves. This is ideal for dogs who get car sick from the harsh braking, making it a much more comfortable drive for your canine companion. 


Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford’s first electric vehicle was an SUV big enough to carry small to medium-sized dogs. The Mach-E is the ideal family vehicle for you if you want to be able to drive something a little more sporty and still have room for your dog.

Although the 402-litre boot capacity isn’t the largest, it might fit smaller dogs. Of course, you could still use a harness to secure them in the back seat. Make sure you hire a portable EV charger points which allow drivers to set their own chargers up whenever and wherever they want. All to the convenience of yourselves and your dog passengers.


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