Which Lifestyles can Mobile EV Charging Benefit?

Portable electric vehicle (EV) charging, as we mention in most of our articles, is the future. It’s a great way to top up a car battery, and can attract more eco-conscious people to businesses, events and venues. Connecting to the grid is impossible for some, and these particular areas can get forgotten about in the EV surge. For some people, they will need to charge more frequently than others, but the lack of available EV charging solutions in off-grid locations can be difficult. With certain lifestyles, portable charging stations could be the answer.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to saving the planet, one charger at a time. Our electric vehicle charging points can be deployed anywhere in the UK, with emphasis placed upon events and off-grid destinations. If you’re thinking of installing a public charging infrastructure, you might want to consider mobile charging beforehand.

Busy, On-The-Go People

People who travel a lot, whether that be to run errands or to travel for work, people with EVs need to charge their electric vehicle a lot more frequently than others. Fast charging at home is a popular choice, as it can leave a driver’s car refreshed and recharged for the day ahead. EV chargers are in abundance, but more needs to be done for on-the-go people who need to top up before running out of charge completely. This is where our EV charging solutions come in.

Our portable charging stations can be utilised to top up batteries, allowing drivers to keep going without having to wait for a full charge. They are ideal at events such as music festivals and weddings, allowing drivers to charge their electric car as they enjoy themselves. You can make provisions for these people by deploying battery storage chargers at your facilities, which you can find out more about here.


Since lockdown ended, most of us have gone out exploring all that the Great British outdoors have to offer. To do this, some people need to travel great distances to get to these places, and more often than not, they’re off the grid. Destinations such as the Lake District are falling behind in the EV charger surge, and need portable charging points to keep up with the times. Not only can they help off-grid locations keep up, but they can attract more tourism and generate revenue.

Mobile charging points can easily be deployed to tourist and beauty hotspots, helping drivers charge their cars as they go exploring. Zap-Map is a great tool to discover where grid chargers are available, but they are severely lacking in areas such as the Peak District and the Scottish Highlands. We can also provide a concierge service to ensure chargers are always working as optimally as possible.

Football Fans… With the Right Promo!

Some football teams, stadiums and games are making moves to become more sustainable. Installing chargers into the grid can be disruptive, and can close car parks for many weeks, which isn’t suitable for fans. By deploying portable chargers, we can ensure all fans are catered for, keeping them charged whilst they watch the match. They won’t cause disruption, and can be deployed and taken away with ease.

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