Why is Portable Charging so Important?

Recently, companies and conglomerates alike have started to pay more attention to all that portable EV chargers have to offer. They provide a great charging solution for destinations that cannot connect to the grid or events where installing a public charging network is impractical. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming a necessity for drivers, but with the extensive disruption caused when it comes to installing a charger for car parks or street charging, portable EV charging could be the next innovative solution…

Most electric car owners charge at home for a long charge, but when they’re on the go, they’ll need a place to top up and ensure they don’t run out of charge on their journeys. Our battery storage portable car chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can be deployed to destinations and events across the country, helping EV drivers stay connected and allowing events to put off installing chargers, especially if they aren’t sure how many they will need. Portable charging is the future, and here’s why.

COP26 and ZipCharge

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow has seen politicians from around the world pledge to change their ways and help save the planet. Recently, a portable charging company known as ZipCharge introduced a product called “Go,” which provides quick charge to drivers who need it, no matter where they are. They are charged from a regular outlet and can top up the battery of any electric vehicle. They’re an innovative piece of equipment designed to highlight the benefits of portable charging; a task we’re still striving to achieve.

Our rentable EV chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can be deployed and taken away with ease, and we even provide a concierge service to help keep the chargers we provide working optimally. Our electric car charging points are completely portable and work perfectly with events such as music festivals that occur annually. 

Provisions for Everyone

Whether you live in an off-grid location or you are organising an annual event, you may not consider EV charging as it may be impossible, or you may not wish to leave a legacy. Portable chargers are perfect for everyone. They can provide a top-up service for anyone visiting your premises or events, so they no longer have to worry about running out of charge on their way home. Also, it can attract new customers and visitors to your location, especially those who drive EVs and may have avoided your event due to a lack of provisions.

We’re all striving to do our bit and help out the planet, but with portable EV chargers, you’re not just providing charge. You’re encouraging EV sceptics to look towards a greener car, as they notice that there are provisions in place for them. Some people avoid EVs because they believe there is a lack of chargers, but with rentable chargers, this is no longer the case.

How We Can Help; Portable EV Charging Solutions

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to helping our planet and the country tackle the devastating effects of climate change. Our portable EV charging stations were designed to encourage more people to go green with their vehicles, and help businesses consider an alternative to grid charging. Portable chargers are vital in encouraging the EV surge to gain momentum, and we’re here to help and provide.

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