Why Dogs Prefer An Electric Vehicle

Taking your furry friend on adventures can be a hassle sometimes. Undoubtedly worthwhile, but for them it can lead to a lot of discomfort and anxiety during the journey. However, a recent study has shown that our canine friends would rather ride in an electric vehicle than a diesel one. The research reveals that dogs experience less motion sickness and anxiety when riding in an EV, making the trip more comfortable and relaxing for them. So let’s explore the additional factors that contribute to dogs favouring electric vehicles.

Reasons Why Dogs Prefer Electric Vehicles

Until now, there has been no studies of the effect that electric cars have on dogs. Which, given that there are currently 10 million pet dogs in the UK, is shocking. Most dogs will travel in a car at some point in their life, if not on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure they’re relaxed and at ease throughout the journey. As this makes it a simpler process for both you and them. So what makes them prefer electric vehicles?

More Relaxed

According to a recent study, dogs are more at ease in an electric car than in a diesel one. This is because an EV is quiet and/or vibration-free, which helps dogs stay calm and avoid becoming anxious or overly excited. According to the study, the dog’s heart rate is noticeably lower when travelling in an electric vehicle than it is when travelling in a diesel one.


Less Nauseous 

Moreover, it has been found that dogs who suffer from motion sickness may feel better when travelling in an electric vehicle, again due to EVs’ lack of vibration and quieter operation. In the UK, 44% of dog owners say their dogs suffer from travel sickness. Lip licking, panting, and salivation were signs of those experiencing motion sickness in diesel vehicles, but these symptoms were significantly reduced and heart rates were significantly lower when riding in an electric vehicle.¬†



Both you and your dog will benefit from this. Electric vehicles usually have more room. In other words, your dog is free to spread out on the backseat with as many toys as they like. This also means that you can fit your dog and other necessary items in the back. In other words, there is room for everything!


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