Electric Car Facts To Know For Winter

Winter is not the easiest season for getting around in an EV. Efficiency, beauty, and sustainability all have a cost. Most electric vehicle owners are aware that their vehicles are not the most ideal for winter driving. Lithium-ion batteries, the most common cells found in electric and hybrid vehicles, function by moving lithium ions from the anode to the cathode; cold slows this process and limits battery performance. However, knowing the crucial electric car facts for winter will allow you to properly plan for these potential hurdles. 

1. Being Realistic About Range Is Vital

As noted previously, lithium-ion batteries operate by transferring lithium ions from the anode to the cathode; cold weather slows this process, decreasing the quantity of mileage you have. Though you will still have ample amount of miles left, make sure you check before if you are doing a long trip! However, as EV’s are constantly evolving, this is becoming less of an issue each year. 

2. Using Preconditioning Will Make Your Travels Easier

Preconditioning is a little-known but highly beneficial function of electric vehicles. You may use it on both chilly winter days and long hot days. Simply put, preconditioning allows you to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin of your vehicle before you begin your journey. Making your trip a lot more enjoyable on them early winter starts! This is one of the most profound electric car facts to remember…

3. Driving in Eco-Mode Will Make Travelling Trouble-Free

Driving in eco-mode is crucial for winter conditions. Most EVs offer energy-efficient drive modes that you may select, albeit it may seem slower than usual. However, this is required to increase the range and efficiency of your vehicle. Furthermore, environmental mode reduces your car’s engine power output, which aids grip in snow and ice just like shifting into third gear in a regular petrol vehicle. Furthermore, most current EVs include heated seats and steering wheels, which will assist with the cold.

4. Keeping Your EV Sheltered Will Keep The Batteries Warm

Keep your EV clear of icy breezes and snow as much as possible, as this will keep its batteries warm. When you are not using your vehicle, storing it in a garage rather of parking it on the street will benefit you in the long haul. When your car is left outside in a blizzard, you should remove all snow build-up as soon as you discover it, as snow can affect your aerodynamics and drain your batteries.

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