The Petrol Pandemic: Why We Need UK Electric Vehicles More Than Ever

In recent weeks, oil firm BP announced that a driver shortage would possibly lead to the closure of several of its petrol stations. Despite the fact that this was a driver issue, not a lack of fuel, drivers have flocked to their nearest station to fill up. This has left many petrol stations running dry, leaving drivers panicked. Although who’s to blame for the crisis depends on who you ask, one factor is for sure; electric vehicles (EVs) are in public favour, now more than ever. With more portable charging for electric cars becoming available, is now the time to convince the public to make the switch?

For the past couple of years, we’ve been living in uncertain times. The public’s anxiety levels have been steadily increasing, so much so that an innocent admission from one singular oil firm has sent the country into turmoil. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy portable EV chargers to destinations across the country, providing charge for those in off-grid locations. This not only decreases range anxiety, but makes electric vehicles seem like the most viable option, especially now.

What Does the Crisis Mean for EV’s?

The Guardian recently reported that inquiries into electric cars have soared in recent days since the fuel crisis reared its head. EV owners have been driving past these long queues, safe in the knowledge that their trusty, eco-friendly machine won’t let them down in times like this. People have been buying electric cars for environmental, cost saving reasons, but have been deterred by their battery life and range anxiety. As alarming as this crisis is, especially when you see ambulances waiting in queues and searching for fuel, it’s a sure sign that now is the time to go electric.

Those that may have been putting off the idea of an EV may have finally snapped over the past few days, as EV dealerships saw their inquiries soar over the weekend; Google searches rose by a colossal 1600%. As the public charging infrastructure grows, it goes unnoticed by most drivers. They’re still concerned with how far their car will get them. Even in remote locations, our EV charging points can be deployed to give drivers charge, no matter where they are. If this recent crisis has encouraged you to go electric, visit us here to see how our electric car charging points can make a difference to destinations nationwide.

How Can EV Brands Make a Difference?

To take advantage of a crisis that has affected the majority of the country wouldn’t be the best idea for EV brands. Making a profit out of the misery of others has, time and time again, proven to be an error of judgement for most companies. However, this fuel shortage could give EV brands the mighty platform they need to promote the fact that EVs are a viable option for everyone. Not only can they avoid issues like this in the future, but by highlighting the fact that there are plenty of chargers to go around could be the icing on the cake.

Right now, charging at home is the most popular option for EV drivers. On long drives where charging on the journey is necessary, drivers will stop off at motorway service stations to connect to a charging network. In off-grid locations, this might not be all that possible. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy portable charging for electric cars that don’t need to connect to the grid, ensuring these remote areas don’t get left behind.

How We Can Help Drivers Nationwide

If this recent fuel crisis has made you seriously consider an electric vehicle, but you still aren’t so sure about the range they possess, our chargers could ease your worries. They can be deployed at destinations and events alike, allowing you to fully charge your vehicle no matter where you are. We even provide a concierge service to keep the chargers working optimally, helping you relax on your drive without the fear of running out of charge.

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