Are Electric Vehicle Charging Points Causing ‘Charge Rage’?

To put it simply, yes. This is because the rising demand for electric vehicle charging points is not being met. It is believed that ‘charge rage’ is the new form of road rage, there is even a request for a code of conduct to be implemented as soon as possible to stop drivers arguing at vehicle charging points! There have been multiple reports of bickering over who gets to use the charging station, with individuals even disconnecting other people’s vehicles. 

What is Charge Rage and How Are Vehicle Charging Points Responsible?

According to reports, the installation of charging vehicle charging points are moving at an unsatisfactory pace. Especially in comparison to the uptake of electric vehicles. With many of the sockets being installed are either ‘standard’ or very ‘slow’ chargers. This means that individuals are being stranded, miles away from their next charging outlet, which understandably causes them to become irritated and angry. This rage is being directed towards others at the charging points as they get frustrated with one another. Ultimately, causing charge rage. 

What is Being Done To Reduce Charge Rage?

The installation of charging stations is ever-growing. According to ZapMap, at the end of October 2022 there were a confirmed total of 35778 electric vehicle charging points across the UK, across 21378 charging locations. This represents a 35% increase in the number of charging devices since the previous year. This excludes home charging points. As a result, individuals are recognizing that there is a problem that is producing tension, and they are proactively constructing charging stations as we speak.

How To Prevent Charge Rage

One of the best methods to avoid charge rage is to install a portable EV charging station at home. This is due to the fact that you can prepare yourself by charging your car prior to your trip. As well, you do not have to wait for anybody else. Essentially, you trust the charger and you know how long it will take. Remember that even when range anxiety sets in, an EV still has up to 100 miles of range at its lowest.

Elite Vehicle Charging

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