What’s The Best Electric Car For Families?

With electric cars continuously evolving, they now have more options than ever before. Often or not, convenience and aesthetic go hand in hand when it comes to choosing your dream car. However, many have to take into account who else will be sitting alongside them. Whether it’s your wife, husband, kids, work colleagues, or friends – you want to ensure you have the best option for them. So, what is the best electric car for your family and friends? 

1. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Despite its size and weight, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is surprisingly fun to drive thanks to its excellent performance, good grip, and just the right amount of flexibility. As well, it’s a nice, peaceful cruiser with exceptional noise isolation, a smooth ride, and an incredibly convincing sense of luxury that fits an electric car well. Enabling you to block out traffic noise for your little ones. Additionally, because of the sturdy packaging, there is plenty of room in the back and a functional boot for holidays/trips – perfect for larger families!

2. Kia EV6

Kia EV6 has come closer than other electric cars to providing a real driver appeal for being usable, affordable, and a more ‘normal’ electric car. Making it cost-efficient for families who are not looking to spend too much money on a car. The Kia EV6 has taken a cutting-edge electric-specific model platform, dressed it in a stylish body, added a large cabin, and topped the package with sharp handling. Making it a perfect option for families to have both an aesthetically pleasing electric car, but also incredibly safe and convenient. 

3. BMW i4

Fast-charging electric vehicles like the BMW i4 are unaffected by rapid driving or cold weather. Additionally, it is very snug and well-made, the kind of range that should allow practically everyone to do any of their road trips or holidays – great for bigger families, especially in the summer! Though aesthetics were not the priority when creating the car, this car is classic BMW – convenient, fast, and inclusive. 

4. Polestar 2

Many admire the Polesar 2 because it is a visually appealing electric car, designed to work seamlessly, not to win you over with gimmicks. It is well-finished, practical and drives pleasantly, the top 3 things when looking for the perfect electric family car. This car really captures the essence of the brand, showing off its potential and excitement of Polestar in general. 

5. MG 5

A good answer to what is the best electric car for families, as the MG 5 is fuss-free, cost-efficient, and modern. With this easy entry point car, it makes doing the school-run a lot more efficient, which is vital when looking for the best family car. Range, charge times and price have been prioritised over aesthetics and steering feel – however, the latter is not priority factors when looking into an electric car for the family. 



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