Are F1 Cars Electric?

As electric vehicle technology has started to become more advanced, some drivers and fans of Formula 1 (F1) are starting to wonder whether the F1 cars are fully electric. Cutting a long story short; currently, F1 cars are petrol-powered and will need to be for at least the next few years. But with new technology still being developed, will F1 cars become fully electric in the future? Will they use a portable electric vehicle charging point? 


Though the majority of F1 cars are petrol-based, there have been some advancements in the electric vehicle industry when it comes to Formula 1. Find out all about the relationship between EVs and F1.


Formula E

Formula E is a single-seater motorsport for electric cars. Starting in 2014, the mission was for races to take place in the biggest cities across the world, all while being sustainable for a cleaner future. Much like Formula 1, the event is a global entertainment brand, with 12 teams and 24 drivers on the grid. 


Most recently, at this year’s Monaco E-Prix, Formula E will present the new Gen3 all-electric racing car. According to Jamie Reigle, Formula E’s chief executive, the Gen3 will be the most “powerful, lightest and fastest race car to date”. Its electric motor produces up o 350kW of power and has a top speed of 200mph. 


When it comes to an electric vehicle charging point, mobile chargers are ideal for these vehicles in between race days. As the event continues to get bigger, we wouldn’t be surprised if Formula E incorporates an electric vehicle charging point infrastructure at the race track. 


Why are Some F1 Cars Not Electric?

Automobile manufacturers, from Audi to Volvo, are beginning to transition to all-electric vehicles in preparation for the future. So, why haven’t F1 cars been converted to electric yet?


A race distance in Formula 1 is approximately 200 miles. Currently, an electric-powered battery cannot produce the quantity of energy required to complete a Grand Prix of that length. Furthermore, Formula 1 vehicles are allowed 242.5 pounds of fuel every race. A full tank of gasoline has a potential energy of just over 1,400 kWh at the normal energy density of 12,889 Wh/kg.


However, what about recharging between races? Presently, how the F1 operates, fast charging is not possible; or battery replacements. Yet, with an electric vehicle charging point, this could advance the sport further; all with the inclusion of fully-electric cars.


What is the 2022 Engine Freeze?

Yet, even if the sport is converted to fully electric, there is a development freeze which effectively stops future engine development until 2025. This is due to Red Bull taking over from Honda in 2022, and needing time to develop their vehicles. 


As a result of the implementation of the 2022 Formula 1 regulations, the 2022 Formula 1 cars will have the same engines as the 2021 cars.


Could They Ever Become Electric?

With the launch of the Gen3, it shows that Formula E is becoming more and more alike to Formula 1. It is suggested that by 2035, Formula 1 could actually become fully electric; or become an archaic sport that is replaced by Formula E. 


Since the electric race series’ introduction in 2014, the Formula E race car has undergone a far more drastic evolution than Formula 1. Until 2018, every team required two vehicles per driver to finish all of the laps because one car could not handle the distance alone.


However, now with Formula E, anything is possible with electric F1 cars. But how should you charge them? Make sure to check a portable electric vehicle charging point suitable here.



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