Are Portable EV Chargers The Answer To Range Anxiety?

According to ZapMap, as of 2022 there are now over 590,000 battery-electric cars on UK roads, as well as a further 430,000 plug-in hybrids. With this statistic increasingly growing, it’s inevitable to think about what the future looks like for both electric vehicles and portable EV chargers. For a lot of companies, the purpose of portable EV chargers is evidently convenience but most importantly, to reduce range anxiety. With EV drivers typically covering more miles than petrol cars, companies are producing portable EV chargers in order to help eliminate EV drivers’ worried minds. 

What is Range Anxiety?

As Urban Dictionary states, range anxiety is the ‘fear that your electric car won’t be sufficiently charged to safely reach an intended destination/return trip/next charging station’. 

Research shows that approximately 50% of EV drivers experience anxiety regularly, which is one of the main reasons that stop people from switching to the more sustainable option of electric vehicles. 

How do Portable Chargers Help Range Anxiety? 

The most revolutionary answer to range anxiety is here, and it is portable chargers. For those who are unaware, portable chargers are ultimately power banks on wheels. There are ample amount of reasons why having a portable EV charger can help eliminate range anxiety, such as: portable chargers are typically within 2 miles of one another, so you do not have to worry about where your next charging point is, you can charge your electric vehicle from as little as 20 minutes, and after charging can last up to 150 miles. 

For those contemplating making the switch from petrol to electric, range anxiety can be the main reason they hesitate to make a choice. It is particularly prominent for long journeys that are over 100 miles, yet an electric car can cover this on limited charge. However, portable chargers are the first step to a more convenient and environmentally friendly driving experience.

Elite Chargers

Here at Elite, we provide temporary and permanent portable ev charging points for remote locations and event charging. As well, we supply portable ev chargers and ev charging stations to events and off-grid destinations. We aim to ensure that EV drivers feel confident, comfortable, and connected. Our team at Elite are motivated to help decrease range anxiety for our customers, and that is where portable chargers and stations can help. 

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