What You Should Know About Range Anxiety

Did you know that the first ever combustion engine from Otto Diesel was actually run on natural, renewable and carbon-neutral peanut oil? Before petrol vehicles, it was electric cars were first invented. And it looks like that’s where society is once heading again. Yet, certain drivers are worried about making the change, including feelings of range anxiety.


So, it’s important that all EV drivers have the desired amount of knowledge surrounding range anxiety to ease any worries and make for a better driving experience. 

What is Range Anxiety?

Range anxiety is the worry that an electric car won’t have enough juice to get where it’s going, leaving its occupants stranded on the side of the road.


Strangely, fewer people who don’t own an EV tend to experience range anxiety than EV owners. A poll conducted by AAA at the end of 2019 among EV owners revealed that 91% of the participants had range anxiety before purchasing an electric vehicle. However, 77% of them claimed that once they began driving EVs, they no longer have these worries. Driving an electric car involves a mental change, but with experience and the correct equipment, anyone can learn to do it with ease. 

Range Already Exceeds Most Needs

One of the biggest holdups in the EV industry is range anxiety, as drivers are worried they will constantly have to recharge their vehicles. Volvo even discovered that a staggering 58% of motorists say range anxiety prevents them from buying an electric vehicle. The manufacturer also claims that after using an EV for a few months, range anxiety is no longer as prevalent as it was when 65% of EV drivers first bought one.


According to a survey done on 632,186 vehicles in Europe, 8 out of 10 drivers cover less than 100 kilometres every day. Six in ten drivers, according to the same study, cover less than 50 kilometres each day. So, as most electric vehicles are able to travel an average of 300km each charge, this already exceeds most drivers’ needs. Obviously, this is mainly for daily commuting and other errands. However, for long journeys like on holiday, this does not apply. 

Real-Time Information Available 

Although range anxiety can affect all sorts of drivers, sometimes the choice of an electric vehicle can help. Certain new technologies will state how much charge the vehicle has and how long it can continue driving before running out of juice. 


Use the abundance of real-time data at your disposal to confirm your confidence that your EV is truly capable of your targeted range once you’ve realised it. Modern electric vehicles provide data on your remaining battery charge, remaining miles, and how well your driving style is working. At the press of a button, you can find the nearest available charging points and real-time traffic information. 

Portable EV Charging

However, if you are concerned about range anxiety, why not fix this problem yourself? Drivers should consider portable EV chargers that can always be carried within the vehicle. This way, EV drivers can choose when and where to charge their vehicle if needed and is great for charging their vehicle whilst parked.


Also, businesses can help with this problem as well. By incorporating EV charge points within their structure, they are abling their customers, guests and staff to charge their vehicles. Defusing any feelings of range anxiety whilst they are benefiting from their services. In addition, it promotes the business as being eco-friendly and actively helping lower the planet’s carbon footprint with carbon-neutral charging solutions. 

Elite EV Charge

Elite EV Charge is an experience EV company that provides portable charging facilities for events, businesses and drivers. We want to ensure that every electric vehicle remains fully connected and charged no matter how off-grid their journey may be. There is a wide range of benefits for portable EV chargers, including minimising the effect of range anxiety.


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