Influencers All EV Drivers Should Know About

The transition to electric vehicles has always been inevitable. However, with the ban on petrol cars set to come into place by 2030, the changeover is bigger than ever. A wide range of EV drivers, CEO’s, Engineers, and more, have embraced their passion for electric cars and shared it with the world of social media. Below, are some of the top blogs and influencers, discussing everything EV, that all EV drivers need to know. We have put together a list of influencers below who are striking conversations about EV’s, sustainability, and more! 

  1. ‘E’ is for Electric

‘E’ is for Electric, are Youtube content creators who provide daily scoop and analysis of what’s going on in the new world of electric vehicles. Additionally, they discuss the riveting technologies around EV vehicles and what they think about them. All EV drivers should know about them! As well as providing invigorating content, they also post polls and questions to keep you thinking and engaging regularly. 

2. Fully Charged 

Fully Charged is one of the world’s top rated electric vehicle shows, hosted by Robert Llewellyn. Providing weekly content to over 30,000 Instagram followers about electric cars, bikes, boats, and even planes! Discussing how the power is generated to run these machines, how ethical is it, and their own personal review. Their videos are both informative, entertaining, and gripping. 

3. Electrek

Electrek is a consistent and reliable source of information regarding everything EV. EV drivers who love being up-to-date and involved should definitely check them out. Unlike many people who cover EV news, Electrek covers market analyses – a quick scan of their Twitter will show you how prolific Electrek are.

4. Green Car Reports 

If you are contemplating making the switch to electric but have no clue where to start, Green Car Reports have you covered; they are your source of everything electric and green. They provide car reviews, blogs, articles, and photos! EV drivers globally would gain knowledge and facts from keeping up to date with Green Car Reports. 

5. David Hunt

David Hunt is one of 25 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018, he is also a mentor, board advisor, and speaker at various EV conferences. He shares his love for everything EV and environmentally friendly through his podcast, where he interviews car enthusiasts and CEO’s. 

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