Are We Prepared for the Rise in EV’s?

There are so many incentives in today’s modern age to opt for an electric vehicle (EV). With so many alternatives to activities that are causing the acceleration of global warming, the world is taking its own initiative and looking towards more sustainable ways of living. EV’s are a great way to lower your carbon footprint, but do we have enough electric vehicle charging points to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand?

There are currently around 35,000 charging stations on the streets of the UK, with home EV charge points being installed into new-build houses. The government are keen to get more people connected to the charging network, as petrol and diesel cars will cease to be manufactured by 2030. There’s momentum behind this initiative, but are there enough chargers? And will remote locations be able to keep up?

Making Up for a Lack of Infrastructure

In a recent survey conducted by CTEK, around 74% of UK adults believe that electric cars are the way forwards. However, 78% don’t believe there is enough infrastructure to connect to, putting this future at a bit of a standstill. Environmental concerns are a big reason why people are keen to make the switch, but the lack of connectivity in off-the-grid locations is halting the transition from petrol to electric in its tracks. However, more technology for portable EV charging stations and fast charging alternatives are currently being developed in order to increase EV’s on the road and decrease range anxiety.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy our cutting-edge battery storage chargers to destinations and events in locations where connecting to the grid is either too expensive or impossible. Public charging stations are widely available in heavily populated cities and at motorway service stations, but not so much in more remote locations such as the Lake District. By deploying our battery storage chargers, we can make up for a lack of infrastructure, and provide electric vehicle charging stations across the country.  

Keeping Remote Locations in the Loop

In the survey mentioned above, one couple mentioned that they tried to plan a trip to North Yorkshire on a route with plenty of fast charging stations along the way, but this simply wasn’t possible. Due to the lack of electric vehicle charging points in particular areas, long distances can be rendered impossible, giving those who travel ‘range anxiety.’ Also, this can drive away tourism from remote locations, as more people opt for an electric car.

With home charging becoming a staple across the country, it’s time destination charging became more prevalent too. Our battery storage chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can charge any EV, with charging speeds competitive with those connected to the grid. We hope to ensure that more remote locations don’t fall behind in the EV surge, allowing us to move forward as a country together. To find out more, please fill out our online form