Different Types of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

As more people opt for an electric car, the charging speeds are increasing to reduce range anxiety and get more people taking a greener initiative. There are several different speeds and charger types out there which can be found up and down the country. Off-the-grid areas are still lacking in public electric car charging points. Luckily, we’re here to solve this conundrum,

Our portable battery storage chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging are suitable for all types of electric vehicles, enabling EV drivers across the country to get charged up, no matter where they’re located. The EV charger locator Zap Map can identify which public charging points are located where, and how quickly they can get you charged up. Read on to discover the different types of chargers you can find on your journey.

Rapid Chargers

The fastest way to charge an EV, rapid chargers are often found at motorway service stations and retail parks. Depending on the model, these chargers can get your vehicle to 80% charge in as little as 20 minutes. These chargers are incredibly helpful if you’re planning to make a long journey, and the cost of charging is typically around £6.30 for 30 minutes.

Rapid chargers provide a power of 50kW, but ultra-fast chargers are quickly cropping up in major cities and towns. With a power of 100kW, they spell the future for EV charging. Our battery storage chargers here at have a power of 80kW, perfect for preparing for long journeys.

Fast Chargers

Typically between 7kW and 22kW, fast chargers are another popular sight in more populated areas across the country. These chargers are more likely to be found at places such as supermarkets, leisure centres and public car parks; locations where you’re likely to be parked for a long time. Most fast chargers are 7kW, and they make up the majority of the charging network.

Most home EV charging points have a power of 3.7kW to 7kW, and vary between fast and slow due to how long your car will be parked there for. If your home charging point doesn’t give you enough power, our battery storage chargers are great for destinations and events alike.

Slow Chargers

Slow charging is usually carried out between 2.3kW and 6kW. It’s commonly found at homes and at workplaces, due to the amount of time a car is going to spend there. They’re quickly going out of fashion, however, and are being taken over by the greater emergence of fast and rapid chargers. They also tend to be more compatible with older EV’s.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, our chargers are perfect for workplaces and destinations, reducing the all too common range anxiety and allowing more people to get connected. Our chargers can also be rented out to events such as music festivals, which you can inquire about by filling out our online form here.