Charging Network Funding – Why Battery Storage Needs More Attention

Recently, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM), have pledged around £300 million to expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging network. That’s 3,550 new rapid chargers to be placed around the country to help more people switch to a greener vehicle. Key areas include Glasgow and York, with emphasis on rural areas, particularly at train stations. This is great step forward, but what about the possibility of alternative technology? Battery storage chargers are a viable option, so why are they not being considered enough?

Connecting to the grid, as shown by the £300 million figure, can be incredibly expensive, and even impossible in some areas. Although OFGEM are trying to include more remote areas, a lot of work still needs to be done to get connected. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, our cutting-edge battery storage chargers can enable EV drivers to charge at their convenience, no matter where they are in the country.

A Viable Option for Remote Locations 

As previously mentioned, off-the-grid locations are often left out of the EV evolution. It is either too expensive or impossible to connect to the network, which can put people off switching to an EV, and current EV drivers may avoid these areas at all costs. By implementing EV portable charging, you can include these areas in the growth of the EV charging network.

The aim of this latest bout of Government funding is to decrease range anxiety, but here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we think they’re missing a trick with the lack of battery storage technology. Our chargers are perfect for destination and public charging, and can even be rented out to events of all kinds.

Improving Tourism on a Budget

Range anxiety is one of the main reasons why some drivers wont even consider EV’s. There’s the worry that they’ll run out of charge and be stranded, with nowhere to charge. Although there are now more charging stations scattered across the country than petrol stations, these are mainly located in towns and cities. For more remote locations, the lack of charging points could severely affect tourism levels and their economy, especially as more people opt for an EV.

For those living in more off-the-grid areas, charging at home can be difficult, so deploying these proposed rapid chargers might not even be possible. By opting for battery storage chargers, connecting to the grid doesn’t need to be an issue, and we can all join the EV surge together, as a country.

How We Can Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we fully believe in the viability and practicality of our cutting-edge battery storage technology. Our portable chargers can be deployed across the country at destinations such as car parks and retail shops, with more emphasis on off-the-grid locations. By providing charge to these locations, we can help them catch up instead of leaving them behind, as well as encourage tourists to visit.

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