Grid Charging vs. Portable Charging

Since electric vehicles (EV’s) first made their mark in the UK, chargers that connected to the grid were the only options available. They can be found at destinations such as shopping centres and restaurants, and home chargers are now being installed into most new builds. The electric supply, however, is in short demand in remote locations, so alternatives must be considered and deployed.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we make it our mission to provide portable vehicle charging to locations across the country, ensuring everyone has access to a charging point. Remote locations are being left behind, which is slowing the growth of electric car sales in these areas. By providing more portable charging stations, we can decrease range anxiety, and increase electric vehicle growth.

Charging Accessibility

When it comes down to which variant is more accessible, it would have to be our battery storage chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging. Charging an electric vehicle is easy if you live in big cities and more populated areas, but it is difficult for anyone living in or travelling to a remote location such as the Lake District. By turning to portable electric car charging, you can fuel up on the go, and won’t have to worry about finding a public charging spot.

Local authorities are attempting to expand the infrastructure in remote locations; however this can be incredibly expensive, and often impossible. By deploying battery storage chargers, connecting to the infrastructure isn’t a problem, and they can even boost existing charging stations. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

Range and Location

EV charging points that are connected to the grid are widely available in populated towns and cities. They can be found on street parking points, retail parks and restaurants, as well as at service stations on the motorway. As previously mentioned, these chargers aren’t necessarily that easy to find in off-the-grid locations, so it makes charging your car harder for residents and tourists alike.

There’s no point trying to connect to the infrastructure when the notion is simply impossible, but by looking towards battery storage portable vehicle charging, we can get more people connected as quickly as possible.

Why the Government Should Consider Battery Storage Chargers

The Government are keen to get started in building up the infrastructure, but little thought is paid to those who live in remote locations. More new build homes have home chargers already installed, and chargers are widely available. Battery storage chargers leave no one out; they can be deployed across the country, both in public spaces such as car parks and at home.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can provide easy access to car charging for individuals in remote locations, decreasing range anxiety and encouraging more people to switch to an electric vehicle today. To find out more, please fill out our online form here.