What Types of Buildings Would Benefit From Portable EV Chargers?

As more and more electric vehicles (EVs) are manufactured and sold, with plug-in sales almost doubling in January 2022 alone, the location of charging stations should be discussed. Currently, public charging stations are being built all around the UK, yet they’re still aren’t enough chargers to meet the demand. Portable EV chargers are a great solution to this problem, but where should they go?

There are many buildings that would benefit from the use of portable charging stations, for their guests or occupants.


Having portable EV chargers at hotels can add to the value of the building. It might factor in why a customer would choose the hotel, rather than going somewhere else. It can show that the hotel owners are concerned about all occupants, including EV drivers. It is an attractive feature for guests who own an electric vehicle and need to charge it whilst they sleep.

In addition, the hotel will get more publicity and free advertisement by including charge points for their guests. Websites such as Zap-Map show users where EVs can charge, including hotels; also attracting potential guests to booking a room.

Shopping Centres

Whether you love it or hate it, shopping is usually a vital (and sometimes dreaded) task, especially for certain occasions. Last-minute Christmas shopping? Not great. But, it is a great opportunity to charge an electric vehicle with portable EV charging stations. You might be shopping for hours and this is ideal to make sure you have enough charge to get you and all your bags of shopping home.

And the longer the shop, the longer the charge. If you are on the go and want to use a public charging station, chances are you will not charge your EV as much as you originally wanted; due to time restraints or queues building up behind you. However, at a shopping centre, you can happily park your car at a charge point for as long as your legs can manage. Then, happily return to your EV and drive off.

Office Buildings

Throughout 2022, all new homes and workplaces built in England will need to have EV charging points installed. It is an attempt to make the country carbon-neutral by 2050 and encourage drivers to convert to electric vehicles. This can easily be implemented into business car parks for employees.

It can be included as an “employee perk”; the ability to charge their vehicle through the working day with portable EV chargers. Drivers may worry about not having enough charge to make it home after a long day of the ol’ 9-5. Especially if they do not want to wait an additional number of hours to fully charge. However, chargers in business car parks mean EV drivers can ensure their car is fully charged by the time they clock off.

Elite Electric Vehicle

Here at Elite EV Charge, we offer a wide range of services for electric vehicle charging solutions. As the population moves towards greener solutions, in an attempt to lower the planet’s carbon footprint, portable EV chargers are a great way to stay connected no matter how remote the journey is. Our portable EV chargers include the services: Event Charging, for occasions such as music festivals and sports events, and Destination Charging. Both of which gives the driver the control of when to charge and decrease any worry of “range anxiety”.

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