Can I Install My Own EV Charging Point?

As more drivers are converting to carbon-free solutions, it is hard to separate the fact from the fiction. Some factors may even put some off from buying an electric car. From worrying about not having enough charge to make journeys to there not being enough charge points at stations. This leaves EV drivers wondering: “can I install my own EV charging point?”

Public EV charging stations may cause queues if only a few charge points are available. Especially if they are not fast charge. Electric cars may have to queue as the amount they want to charge their vehicles, takes a long time. This is why alternatives should be considered.

Installing Your Own EV Charging Point

Short answer, no. Unless you are a qualified electrician who has the experience, installing an EV charging point is not a DIY job. There are many risks when trying it yourself, especially if you have never installed a home charge point before. If you are considering a home charging point, always hire a professional as it is vital that it is correctly installed to comply with regulations and make sure everything is safe.

If not correctly installed, your EV charging point may lose its warranty and though originally a home charging point is seen as a cost-effective solution to a public charging station, these issues would soon total up. Also, by hiring an electrician, you are ensuring that the installation is compliant and is actually allowed; with the professional choosing the right location and correctly fitting any wires.

Home Charging Stations

There are benefits to having a home charging station, such as ease of access and as the driver, having the choice of when to charge and for how long. Yet, there are also many disadvantages to home charging stations.

A home EV charging point can be disruptive to the local grid. If you are travelling every day and are charging regularly, this could overpower the local grid and affect the electricity in your area. Also, contact maintenance is needed so that you and your electrician know it is working. This can mean a home charging point has a higher chance of breaking down in the long term.

So, how should you charge your EV?

Portable EV Charging Solutions

Portable EV chargers mean that, like home charging stations, you get to decide when and where to charge your vehicle; not relying on public stations. It decreases the worry of “range anxiety” and your journeys can continue, no matter how off-grid the location is. You, the driver, get to have the power and not rely on any other charging solutions.

This alternative also is transportable. You can be commuting to work or travelling to a football game. Once you park, you can set up your portable EV charging point and let the technology do its job. Then, returning to your EV, you can safely drive home, with all the charge required.

Elite Electric

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide temporary and permanent EV charging solutions. We want to help the planet move to greener and more sustainable travel methods; lowering its carbon footprint. One charger at a time. Whether this is for hiring electric vehicle portable chargers for events or for journeys that include off-grid locations.

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