Can EV Chargers be Hacked?

In today’s society, being online can be a scary place. Not only do you have to battle internet trolls and unwanted imagery, but there is also the ever-present threat of hackers and malware getting access to your private data. Did you know that hackers can even get access to your home vehicle charging network? Since their invention, security breaches have been detected in some charging points, which can deter interest in electric vehicles. This is where mobile EV charging comes in handy.

Battery storage charging is the perfect choice for annual events and destinations in off-grid locations alike. There’s no need to connect to the charging infrastructure, and no danger of being hacked is present. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we even provide a concierge service for your peace of mind. Hackers have ways of getting into the most personal corners of our lives, and they could even target our EV charging cables too. 

How Can Hackers Harm EV Chargers?

In recent years, EV drivers have reported their home networks were able to turn themselves on and off, as well as remove owner access and lock the charging cable. Of course, the network wasn’t acting this way on its own; hackers have managed to make their way into the network. These hackers can attack the server, leading to larger problems such as the infiltration of home networks, attacking your Wi-Fi.

The electric grid is already susceptible to issues; power cuts mean that EV drivers could be without charge, and now hackers are attempting to get into home chargers, it seems like nowhere is safe. The country needs encouragement to switch to an electric vehicle; instead, they’re presented with online threats and range anxiety. Our mobile EV charging stations can be deployed across the country, reducing the disruption that charger installation can bring. Mobile charging is the boost the country needs to encourage more people to go green, but there is still work to be done…

How Mobile EV Chargers Can Help

Since mobile battery storage chargers don’t need to be connected to the grid, there’s no danger of system hacks and your personal information being shared. With so many people across the country worried about internet security threats and having their data breached, this information concerning grid chargers could set the EV surge back further. Mobile charging can be deployed to destinations across the country, and can be taken away at the end of the rental period. 

Mobile battery storage charging is perfect for events or establishments that don’t wish to leave a legacy with their chargers. The Government are encouraging the installation of grid chargers, but this can be expensive and even impossible for some. By promoting the use of portable chargers, the Government can ensure that off-grid locations don’t get left behind, and avoid security breaches.

Our Services

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to promoting the EV surge and getting everyone driving an electric car as soon as possible. Therefore, our state-of-the-art battery storage systems are tried and tested before they are deployed, decreasing range anxiety and helping everyone get connected as soon as possible. 

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