Infrastructure vs. Battery Storage Chargers; Making the Right Choice

Across the country, infrastructure chargers are popping up left, right and centre. They’re decreasing range anxiety in current and potential electric vehicle (EV) drivers, and they’re helping businesses and retail parks keep ahead of the curve as we move towards a fully electric vehicle future. However, there’s only so much that the electric infrastructure can take, and when power cuts occur, it can render these vehicle charging points ineffectual. Battery storage chargers are a quick, effective solution, but why aren’t they more visible?

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy our state-of-the-art battery storage chargers to destinations and events alike, providing charge to EV drivers without connecting to the grid. These chargers are perfect for annual events that don’t want to leave a mark and cause disruption, and can be taken away at the end of the rental period with ease. With different issues making themselves known when it comes to the infrastructure, can it cope?

Home EV Charging Points and Peak Times

Vehicle-orientated news site “Driving” recently reported that, according to new legislation announced by the transport secretary, home EV charging points may switch off at peak times to avoid overwhelming the infrastructure. This will leave home charging points without the ability to carry out what they were designed to do; homeowners won’t be able to charge their car, which could leave them stranded on their commute to and from work. The electric supply and cost were already a concern for potential EV drivers, but now they need to worry about the power cutting off their supply.

Charging at home was a simple, easy option for most people. They could connect to the EV charging network on their drive overnight, and between 8 am-11 am and 4 pm-10 pm, power may now be limited. Our portable charging stations can aid with any worries EV drivers have, as they can be deployed to their workplace car parks and even at motorway service stations along the way. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

More Mobility and Access

Car charging points that you usually see on your journeys are connected to the grid and take time to install and set up. They can be highly disruptive and can close off entire roads, and if they need to be fixed or moved in the future, the disruptive nature continues in a cycle. Battery storage chargers don’t need to be connected to the grid, and can easily be deployed and taken away whenever necessary. They’re perfect for annual events such as sporting games and music festivals, as they can be rented for a set period of time to attract and accommodate EV drivers.

We provide a concierge service for our battery storage chargers, ensuring they are working optimally with little fuss and hardly any disruption. They’re easier to rent and deploy rather than turning to the installation of infrastructure chargers, and they can save you money too. 

Leaving a Legacy; It’s Not for Everyone

When we talk about ‘leaving a legacy’ behind, we don’t mean building an empire that makes a mark for years to come. Once you’ve installed infrastructure chargers, they’re there to stay, and even if you remove them, they leave their mark in the landscape. Evidence will still be left behind that they were there; with battery storage chargers, they’re a quiet alternative that can be deployed and removed with no damage to the environment or your setting.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide portable chargers for destination charging and events alike. With the news that home EV charging points could be affected by power shortages, we need battery storage chargers as backup and a solution, more than ever. To find out more, please give us a call on 0800 702 2261, or you can fill out our online form here.