Who Can Battery Storage Chargers Benefit?

Due to the recent petrol crisis, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) has gone up drastically, rising by 50% compared to last year. With this in mind, it has never been more important to accommodate these drivers and implement charging points across the country. There are now more public charging stations in the UK than petrol stations, but these are predominantly scattered in large towns and cities. Therefore, car charging is sparse in some areas, so what can we do to make up for it?

Battery vehicle charging stations are a great alternative for those that don’t want to connect to the grid, or for those who simply can’t. They’re also a perfect option for event organisers who want to attract a more eco-conscious crowd. The demand to charge an electric car is constantly increasing, and battery charging points could be the solution to meet this need.

Those Without Immediate Access to Public or Home Chargers

Public chargers are much easier to come by when compared to the past years. They’re available in public car parks, supermarkets and retail parks, allowing people to charge as they shop. These charge points are installed and connected to the grid, but not everyone lives in close proximity. Also, although new builds are now required to have a home charging point installed, older homes may be without, and these EV drivers need better access to charge their electric vehicle.

Those without home chargers, or those waiting for one to be installed, must rely on the grid to charge, but they aren’t always available or working. Our battery vehicle charging points here at Elite Vehicle Charging come with a guaranteed concierge service, ensuring all chargers are working optimally throughout your rental period. You can really benefit those who don’t have easy access to off-street charging, and you could even improve business too.

Music Festivals and One-Off Events

When it comes to events such as music festivals and sporting games, the biggest polluter in relation to these events is transportation; everyone who makes their way to the event’s location needs to get there somehow, and most choose to drive. Those with EVs may try to find alternative ways or avoid all together, knowing there won’t be anywhere accessible on-site to charge. Battery storage chargers can not only accommodate EV drivers and charge their vehicle as they enjoy themselves, but it can also boost your green credentials and attract more visitors.

We constantly stress the importance of everyone working together to save the planet and achieve net zero sooner rather than later. Fast charging is on the rise, and can really set EVs apart from emissions vehicles. Battery vehicle charging is a viable option that isn’t being considered as much as it should be by the Government, taking pressure off of the grid and providing a cheaper, less disruptive option for event organisers.

Remote Locations

There are plenty of places across the country that live more remotely than others. The Lake District, for example, doesn’t have a large number of electric vehicle chargers at hand, deterring possible tourists and increasing the range anxiety that has been so damaging to the EV community. These remote locations need alternative charging supplies in order to keep up with the EV surge, or they may get left behind…

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide state of the art battery storage charging stations to destinations and events alike. If you’re concerned about your carbon emission levels, and need to find alternative ways to encourage the EV surge, please call 0800 702 2261 to receive a quote. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.