Electric Charge Points to Overtake Fuel Pumps

Electric vehicle (EV) battery factories, throughout the UK, are starting construction; with the market for EVs steadily continuing to rise. From this, the installation of electric charge points has been sporadically included in major areas, such as shopping centres and arenas. 

Yet, is this enough to meet the demand? Currently, a third of all chargers are currently in London. But what about the rest of the country? For more information, continue reading about the current state of the EV ecosystem.

Electric Charge Points

It was announced last week that the planning of charge points installation will overtake the number of fuel pumps in the UK. With the government’s ban on fossil-fuelled vehicles, it is estimated that there will be 300,000 electric charge points around the UK. There will still be fuel pumps available, but not at the frequent rate as they currently are. In fact, it will be the charge points that take the majority; with them being almost five times the equivalent of the number of fuel pumps.

However, is this enough? The RAC has stated that though it sounds impressive, there is still a concern that the number is “not going to be sufficient“. Queues at charging stations are sure to build up, as fast charge technology is still being developed. This may lead to EV drivers not wanting to go to public EV charge points and getting range anxiety on journeys.

Also, most of these charging points will be based in London. Remote locations, such as small towns or villages in the countryside, may only have a couple of charge points for an entire population. How can this accommodate entire towns? As more drivers will be converting to EVs from the 2030 ban, alternative charging solutions should be considered.

Portable EV Chargers

There are many benefits to owning or renting a portable EV charger. Not only do you not need to queue at public stations, but you get to decide when and where you charge your vehicle. You do not need to rely on any other factors. Just a safe location to park up and charge. This is ideal for those nature explorers; hiking up off-grid mountains for hours. You leave your car on charge and have full confidence you will have enough to make it home.

Also, whenever you need to rent a car, portable chargers are a great cost-effective solution. Hiring an EV means that you are contributing to lowering the planet’s carbon footprint and renting a portable charger means you do not have to worry about where any charging stations are located. It is all down to the EV driver.

Elite EV Charge Points

Here at Elite, we offer temporary and permanent EV charging solutions. We want our customers to move toward greener charging solutions and portable EV chargers are an ideal solution. Don’t rely on public charge points that may have queues. You should be in charge of where you charge!

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